Oct 24, 2015
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
Superpower anime has been the main solution to attract many people in order to keep the Anime industry in balance. Since the success of such famous anime like the big three (Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach), there are dozens anime that uses the super power as an appeal and works as a direct jump to make profits. One of them are the K - project franchise, which has been ongoing since 2012. K Return of Kings is the 3rd project that exists in K Franchise. As the series go, K really didn't maximize any potential that it have.

The 1st season started the story while adding the mystery genre into it. While Return of Kings does a different thing, they're trying to build-up its world in this 13 episode. While doing that, the anime throw many flashbacks & scenes to build that, but they didn't succeed the 30% of it.

For about 8 episodes K: Return of Kings brings us an endless "information dump". The blank paper is filled, they fill it with many chit-chat and useless scenes and they just did the same mistakes once again. As the plot drive slowly, K Return of Kings really just wasting the time it has. The story can be described as 'disoriented' and didn't have a clear direction, it just floating in the air with unclear reasons.

As we expected, K strongest power is in the budget. The animation grows very colorful and beautiful. The town settings and the battle scenes are well produced. The character designs have hundreds of bishounen waiting for the fangirl to scream. To adding that, we have some useless fanservice scenes using boobs and many other round things to maintain the enjoyment of the fanboy. Well, those things remind me, "What if K animation similar like Ping Pong?", fortunately, the reality is not like that.

Sound settings are okay, the new Opening & Ending Song are not too bad either. The background music was still great like its prequel. Voice actors did a great thing in doing their job.

Another disappointment we have is there is no in-depth character development. They throw many flashbacks in this little amount of episodes but useless flashbacks indeed (especially the first 8 minutes of episode 1). The main character possibly didn't do as the main character, they just fleshed out by supporting characters, their role was actually minimum in this series. The green king's motive was relatively poor and slightly typical and we have the gray king in return. The problem is they unloaded a number of characters with not the right balance and I should say this "None of the clansmen has a particular role in anything...", they just as useless as ever and just filled the vacancy of the episodes. It's just so blank, useless, and ridiculous.

The useless scenes that occur in the first six episode really bring a bad effect to the enjoyment itself. Actually, the battle scenes are pretty cool and colorful. But it got such an unexpected downfall especially for the story section and character section.