Oct 22, 2015
minimiau (All reviews)
What can we say about this move? Before this movie an all stars movie from precure has a plot and a story to see. A enemy and the group pf girls trying to defeat that enemy. Haru No carnival is weak at this point. This movie has No plot or a story to follow. If you can see the Max heart, fresh, or Heartcatch gropus dancing maybe you can see this movie. The only part of story is: Someone is stealing the mascots during the main event.

The art and animation is quite good. The CGI is really improving in all precure franchise and this movie is the prove of that. In general, the animation doesn't have anything wrong at my opinion. talking about the 2D animation is good, is the average animation you can see in a lot of animes.

The music is other thing...If you are in precure in at least, 3 or more years the sounds will tired you. Hearing again some of the openings or endings will get you angry at some point. That or you will feel nostalgic. Or if you are new on precure you maybe will think a lot of things: too childish maybe or repetitive (they say precure all the songs). About the incidental music, is also repetitive. Most of them is repetitive (again, if you watched previous precure seasons, you can notice that in this movie 90% or more is recicled music.

In character, 6/10. Basically they are no character development. They are a lot of precure now and that will be difficult to do. Yes, we have Princess precure, our main characters. Haruka, Cure Flora learns a important (?) lesson but in real life it doesn't have any sense. In other movies characters learn about the importance of friendship, about the dreams and future but, is dancing and singing that important?

Yes, I enjoy it. But it in general the movie didn't impact me comparing with other movies that have Precure in the name. The only thing I want is a better movie from this title. Scince Fresh! Precure we can see the main characters having a dance during the ending, and that is popular around little girls in Japan. There is a game about that and now a whole movie about 70 minutes about that. Is Toei laking on writting a good story for a movie of this franchise?