Oct 22, 2015
King_Savage (All reviews)
Dont read this unless you can understand the raws.
I wish someone warned me ahead of time so I wouldn't fall for the characters so that I would wait in anticipation wondering "what will happen next?"

Its an interesting take on love spells where anyone who sees his butt will want to screw his brains out. It may be your basic "I want this girl only!" harem but it had a few twist that i didn't expect in it which I really liked.

But alas there was a scantilation (is this the word lol?) issue among a few groups. Manga Pirates wanted to take over from PROcez who had planned to release three at once on Christmas. But those pirates only released like two chapters.
I think a few random groups released whatever slew of chapter they felt like but i think they gave up at chap 96.