Oct 17, 2015
Votoms Finder is an alternate universe one-off in the Votoms franchise that stars the titular mechs and a new cast of characters. Aki Renso is a Bottomer, a mercenary and parts scavenger who survives in the slums contrasting the Toppers, who live in a luxurious modern city. Aki is bored of his environment and dreams of some day climbing the wall that separates him from the Toppers and achieving greatness. When Toppers hire Aki to rescue their chairman's daughter, he likens himself to a prince rescuing a princess and lives out his fantasy.

Not exactly breaking new ground here. Hell, everything's cliche, but the original Votoms series wasn't very clever to begin with, so that's not why we're here. So we must be here for the defining super-realistic technology, right? That's where Votoms Finder will particularly disappoint. Though mostly reasonable, the OVA takes liberties when it comes to the laws of physics, specifically when these heavy machines do all sorts of acrobatics. Other than that though, there are no special powers, and weapons are still physical or ammo based.

Votoms Finder makes up for its flaws by having the greatest production values yet. The animation is fantastic. The mechs are CG, but unlike the usual they don't at all clash with the 2-D animation. The focus of this OVA is on the stunning fight sequences which trump anything before in Votoms tenfold. And Votoms has always been primarily an action franchise, so this means a lot.

Though simple, the OVA is short enough that the story doesn't overstay its welcome and combined with its action scenes it thoroughly entertains for a good 40 minutes, and there were many parts in the original Votoms series where I couldn't say the same. Just a good spectacle, and it could've made a series that surpassed the original.