Oct 16, 2015
This is the sequel/true ending to Super Beast Machine God Dancougar, and my general feelings about it are the same as the series, so you should read my review for that first.

Anyway, it was really nice for Ashi Productions to provide a proper ending to the series. It's disappointing that the length of this ending (when the recap is subtracted) amounts to a mere ~30 minutes. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth that Ashi Productions are saying that they could've had the series go on for a meager two more episodes and wrapped it up just as well.

The Death Gaia fight also takes up more screen time than the Zorbados emperor himself, which is just bizarre, and when the battle is settled in one blow it's... have I said "disappointing" too many times yet?

There are some positives: Ashi Productions didn't screw around with the budget this time and the only reused frames I saw were character faces, and the frame rate is much improved, as is the art style in general even though things mostly look the same there's more detail with the shading.

My favorite part about this OVA was Shinobu passing Dancougar's controls to Ryo, a thing we haven't seen before that helped make Dancougar feel more like teamwork rather than only Shinobu being at the helm.

Anyway, this is an acceptable conclusion to a good anime, and I'm happy to see a resolution with characters I really like, and suitably there's a real theatrical atmosphere to the whole thing with the lack of background music. Though I view this as a part of the series it gets a lower rating than it individually for not having the build-up the longer series allowed.