Oct 15, 2015
FromZeroToZero (All reviews)
This review is for the story and literature/writing style so it may not contain any plot discussion and no spoilers of course.
This could be one of the longest reviews I have ever written and the reason is that no matter how many praises you give this novel, it still doesn't do it justice. The novel is one of the most, if not the most, underrated novel. I have read many novels and light novels but this one easily smashes them in every aspect. The biggest reason this light novel went undetected is because of the unknown author and the other reason is the first volume. The author, Eiji Mikage wasn't that well-known but after reading this book I understood that this guy has a very big potential and can easily become the best. His writing style is absolutely brilliant. The narration of the story is amazing and versatile where the protagonist, side characters and the author took their part in telling the story and they did it perfectly. The author didn't give the story right away, so you had to wait for the last volume to unravel the plot and some confusions, which made the story stunning. The diverse use of vocabulary made the plot full and juicy with no repetition, hence making it interesting. The reason that a person may drop this novel is one of these: They're not patient/Can't understand the story/They though that the story was cliche/Not very good in English and there's no other translation than English. Okay let's explain. First, the main reason people drop this is because they don't get the story and the "School Transfers" are a perfect example for this situation, or they're not patient enough to wait for the story climax. When I first started I was very confused and I didn't know what the heck was going on, but after finishing the first volume, I understood everything. The beginning of the book might have sounded generic but generic and cliche are the antonyms of this book. The unique plot that can't be seen anywhere else no matter how much time you spend looking deserves millions of praises and awards. The last reason a person might have dropped this, and the most uncommon in my opinion, is the strength in English. This goes for people from English speaking countries not for other counties that don't use English as their main language. The word choice and the vocabulary, which is excellent, may seem difficult for those who are not into books, thus making them neglect the book immediately. Enough of the story, let's talk about the characters. The character can't be described by mere words. This department of the story made the author turn from an unknown author into a prodigy in literature. The characters all are very well-written and not a single person from the main/side characters was one-dimensional. Everyone of them had big development especially Maria and Kazuki, therefore making the character memorable and distinguishable from character of other light novels. The Psychological and Horror genre best showed itself here, especially when Kazkui turned into yandere. I have a fetish for betrayal, no I'm not weird, and this novel gave me enough of it to last for my whole life. The art was outstanding even though you don't need it that much because the author gave very detailed information that makes you feel the story and puts you in the shoes of the protagonist/supporting characters. Many saw the ending of the book cliche and bad, but for me, it was the most satisfying end I have ever seen and it wraps everything together without leaving unresolved conflicts and questions. I saw this novel on the Top Light Novel page on MAL and decided to pick it up. The first volume was very challenging to read but nevertheless it was astonishing. The twists in the story made me vehement and eager to every new page. The only thing that I can do is applaud and complement this wonderful piece of art. This is may not be for impatient people who want to see the climax ten pages in, but I recommend this to everyone who wants a good read and I advice you to read this while you're in calm place so you can get the story, which is the hardest part while reading. So in short, this is the best novel hands down. All Hail Eiji Mikage!