Oct 15, 2015
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Two worlds, different dimensions, one is fantasy and the other one are reality. If these two existences merge with one gate, what will the future hold for both worlds?

Gate: jieitai kanochi nite kaku tatakaeri or also known as Gate start the show with a bit unique performance and leave the viewers speechless while trying to grasp the situation. I'll admit, on the surface this series doesn't sound like it would make a good series. Add more with the main lead Youji Itami who’s already aged 33 years old. One of the most courageous steps I’ve ever seen. Anime industries have laid teenagers as the main character for a long time. Gate on the other hand; put a matured and adult man as their main lead which is rather impressive. Unfortunately, our hero is kind of biased with the other main characters who have loved anime and manga deeply. However, I must commend this series because the producers have been doing a good job to develop those characters in series well along with communicating on a larger theme about humanity in general.

Gate: jieitai kanochi nite kaku tatakaeri will be one of the most popular anime soon enough and definitely for a good reason. The series start its pace rather slow at first but very effective, and refreshing for the better understanding.

The technical aspects of the show are really good. Though Gate never loses its character focus, the idea of spending a lot of time exploring political, economics, philosophical and a wide variety of subjects about the fantasy world can be very boring but important for us to understand the motivations of certain characters. As well it is necessary to understand the series better. In terms, the series try it’s best to describe the best path for humanity against this fictional world. It has its merits and its flaws, but above all it is not simple. This issue is rather complex to be discussing or used in anime series and yet Gate does a nicely job showing the themes.

Despite what I’ve said, the realistic way the Gate tries to show sometime can be frustrating with lack of the deeper themes. The plot is actually quite smart but also a little complex than it seem. Still, the developments in the series just makes you want to dive deeper and deeper into the series. The interaction between all the characters is well managed as for the feel of the show.

The art and animation of this series is very nice indeed. Gate background has been designed with the best effort, vivid colors and lines to stylize the characters in a way. The art has been nicely drawn with a lit bit of different style to makes more realistic. Either way, both the art and animation is incredible created for the Gate series. The high-end action is carefully placed and definitely top notch. The value of background is clearly be valued by Gate series.

The soundtrack is really cool, with the outstanding Op and Eds, capturing the viewer’s eye within the series. This is really stunning aspects. Not to mention the sound effects, adding with the previous two, this takes the series to a new stage of fantastic and admiration.

In a sense, Gate is one of the best shows I've seen in a while. I’m not particular boasting about this series. Because Gate is an excellent and enraging works that’s doesn’t lose the main theme focus, the characters never lost their main aim and building up a good relationship among each others. While on the other hand, Gate also focusing a number of high class issues and problems that chained this world for a long time. Gate is definitely a brilliant piece of surreal fantasy fiction that works on nearly every level. If you against the idea of political or philosophical exploration just skip those episodes but it will be a great loss and definitely will affecting your view of the series. Honestly, I can't complain about this series at all. On a purely level, this piece of series was impressive.