Oct 12, 2015
EroOu (All reviews)
Oh boy ,where do i start.. i'll just get this out of the way ,i'm not gonna talk about the underlying messages and all that ,ill leave that for someone else to do, and i won't compare it to other shows.

I'll be quick and straight to the point ,this show delivers what it promises which is just dirty jokes throughout the whole show and if you were expecting something else well ,i'm not really sure what you're doing watching it.

I won't talk about the story ,it's just there to hold the show together.
If you think otherwise, well everyone has their opinion, i won't judge.

Ok moving on ,art is pretty avarage, sound is underwhelming and the characters are just to generic ,but somewhat lovable regardless of how generic.

Now for the part that really matters to me and you my personal enjoyment, well ''I'm a simple man with some retarded complications'' so i enjoy stupid jokes no matter how bad or childish they are , shimoneta is not a show to keep you hooked with its story or art or anything else.
Its sole purpose is just like i mentioned before which is make as much perverted jokes as it can , and it did so and i respect that commitment.
Overall i give it a 4 not because it's good in terms of what it brought to the table but because it's enjoyable, and that's what we look for in an anime right?
So if you're like me and like you're fair share of stupid dirty jokes go ahead and watch it.

And if you're asking for a more indepth review of me talking about the producer staff and all ,i can't really say much, they deliver what they set the show out to be so they did a good job i guess?

Either way this was also my 1st review so i do apologize if it was bad or not to your liking ,and if u did manage to read through all of that which i sure didn't ,thanks man/dude/friend/person and keep being awesome