Oct 10, 2015
Jun98 (All reviews)
And a end to another good slice of life anime series...
I will miss this one

Short Summary:
At Asahioka Branch School (in the countryside), there are only five students there; none of them in the the same grade. The story follows the daily lives of the four girls of the school; playing in rivers, having secret bases and many more.
The pace is easygoing but it's enjoyable and heartwarming.

This anime is a sequel to the first season "Non Non Biyori" and like the first season, this season was enjoyable!

There is no specific story (as this is a slice of life) yet it is fun to watch.
I was actually surprised when I heard that this series was getting a second season (I mean there's no solid plot) but I was glad to see it again.

If you enjoy slice of life series or enjoyed the first season of the anime then watch it!
You can even start from this season and go back to the first season! It's the heartwarming comedy that drags you into this anime