Oct 8, 2015
lejdcool (All reviews)
I found Mahou Shoujo Site while reading Mahou Shoujo of the end and honestly it's been almost, if not at times, better than mahou shoujo of the end. The artwork is detailed and the shadow work draws you into the dark world of this series.

The plot isn't as strong as Mahou Shoujo of the end, which has multiple questions looming at once. Mahou Shoujo site keeps it simple with, why were teenage girls given weapons and what does the countdown mean? So in regards to the story, this manga does rely on it to sell itself.

No, where this series really shines is it's characters from the adorable, yet slowly growing MC asagiri, the cool kuudere yatsumura, the psychopathic shioi, the cute yet crazy nijimin, nijimins hopeless biggest fan, the vengeful bully, the abusive big brother, the cutter, the swordswoman and the sadist. Truly this series excels at introducing and developing a wide array of characters and that is what has set it so high in my opinion.