Oct 8, 2015
Nervin (All reviews)
Imagine having a three billion old memory that encompasses everything that has happened, even that of the origination of life itself. Is it possible to cope with it? How will your life and surroundings affect you and vice versa? Omoide Emanon is a heartwarming and fascinating tale of a 17 year-old girl who possesses an ancient memory that dates up to the creation of life.

The approach on the narrative is utterly fascinating and well done; it is narrated in a span of a couple of hours, then makes a jump to the future. The story is established in 1967, which starts off by slowly building up the scenario and introducing the main characters. The protagonist Emanon, financially low on resources, decides to return on ship to her hometown in Hokkaido. Therein she encounters a young sci-fi lover: through soothing and everyday dialogues, the story transmits the personalities and emotions of the characters well. Emanon will ultimately reveal her secret to him, which leads to the past of the lead character and other reflections she has from current society and how it changed.The reader can really begin to appreciate and ponder about humanities nature, and specifically how such a memory would have potentially affected their own life (and that of Emanon), the decisions and hardships.

The cast of characters in the manga is composed of the two mentioned previously. There is Emanon, who continually fell in love in her childhood and adolescence due to her memories. After enduring one rejection after the other, she decided to travel, in order to explore and search for answers about herself. Then there is the young man who is a sci-fi lover. Because the manga is short, little character development takes place, but the reader gets to appreciate the characters personality. It is interesting to see how the man represents how most young, optimistic people turn out to be: having a decent job and a family, without changing and adapting themselves to society.

The art of Omoide Emanon is fantastic. Stunning and realistic character designs, detailed backgrounds; almost every panel had a background, which enhanced the realistic setting and overall narrative. There were some inconsistencies to be appreciated throughout the manga, but this was a minor issue.

To sum up, Omoide Emanon is a brilliant story with a fascinating idea that was well executed and presented to the reader. With the fantastic art and good pacing of the narrative, this manga fulfilled almost every aspect it thought to explore, though it doesn't go into too much detail. It could have had the potential to be a longer series, but nevertheless I would highly recommend this to any reader.

Thank you for reading.