Oct 6, 2015
Drace028 (All reviews)
Finally after months of waiting saw the Last Eps of Kekkai Sensen
And it was honestly a clusterfuck of nonsense, I loved it.
Nothing made real sense, chaotic story telling and events happening here and there with no real explanation.
Animation, art and OST were all beautiful
Fight scenes were fluid and characters were as crazy as ever
Storytelling is lost somewhere along the months of waiting for the last eps.
I cannot say exactly why I really enjoyed the last eps, just that I simply did
Overall I would never recommend this anime to anyone that focuses on story/plot or anything that makes sense or follows logic.
I do that those that simply want to enjoy, perky characters, High Tier animation and OST , Interesting character with a story that really goes nowhere fast but has enough stuff happening all at once that you'd be to focus on that to really care about the story.
Sooo many negatives but the things that are positive of this series simply really appeal to me.
Tbh I think there is probably more to the series than just the action and the colors but was too busy just watching the
small detail happening in the screen

There were hints at the end for a sequel
I would LOVE an S2 just to see everyone back, I'd like some explanations but at this point I dont care that much anymore I just want to see randomness happen in a cool setting.