Oct 6, 2015
haruhappiness (All reviews)
This is gonna be one short review. Actually, I just wanted to say what a good manga Ou-sama no shichiya is. I had never enjoyed a 4-chapter manga this much, I promise.

So the story goes like this, Amy is the type of girls who falls for bad guys leading her to being cheated, deceived and more. In an attempt to change, she starts to work for the owner of a pawnshop, Shuu.
I liked how the author made the comparison between recognizing fake products and fake/bad people. It is like Ami said "If I see the real one in the beginning, I won't get tricked by the fake one", meaning that she had never encountered a good guy before, but now that she had, there was no way she would be tricked again or let go of him.
Overall, this is a lovely refreshing manga. Not only the story is great, but also the art is very pleasant to the eye.