Oct 4, 2015
DarkGabo (All reviews)
I am in the Spanish army, also I have been on mission abroad with the United Nations. Many are very detailed modern approaches to how to act in foreign territory, local our mutual cooperation, the escalating use of force, all these details are present in the anime.

Also at the level of use of military material is very detailed, always wearing a bulletproof vest with collars (It seems silly, but they are very unpleasant to wear), including the disposition of weapon down during transport (avoid damage to the face in an accident) not using night vision goggles for day to avoid damaging them, the elastic strap ... For me as a military is like watching peers from another country during an operation factly, beating all warlike animes I've seen so far in realism. There are also some concessions as a work of fiction, but everything is on the edge between realism and entertainment work.

The mix of fantasy and realism is exquisite and is a fantastic "what if ..."