Oct 2, 2015
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
Anime Movie Review No.3

1988 the where Japan is at its glory in the economy. The 80’s the era where anime can have the most decent plot duration since episode in this decade are much more cheaper to produce and this is the decade where the west are influence by the Japanese animation. The year where the most notable movies are release and that are Akira and Grave of the Fire flies that became very iconic and popular to the masses and up to this date still popular and very fun to watch. But why does “Maki Toshi Shinjuku” didn’t became memorable and have place in the history of anime? Even if have the best production value from MAD house studios. Simply because dark anime related to demons, occult and super natural are a common theme in this era. There are other similar movies are made which is more gory and plot content.

Demon City, it’s alternative title, it’s particularly not a bad anime just because it doesn’t stand as a very different title but because it’s very simple and basic in content you feel like you have watched the same movie with lesser gore, tension, action and mostly less in particular high adult content hentai scenes we expect for adult demographic movies.

Warning the content’s might contain minimum spoilers

Story (5/10) Average
The story of Demon City is very basic for it themes. Let me summarizes why it is basic in a few sentences.
Set in a world of humans, two talented individual mastering the unique power of “nempo” battled to the future of humanity. The main villain Levih Rah, a talented nempo master, surrender his soul to the devil to surpass his rival Genichirou in being the strongest and planned to fuse the demon world and the human world as one to make him the supreme overlord. The battle between good and evil ended in a stalemate for both of them died and the world is save temporarily. Levih Rah after 10 years will be revived again and the story of our main protagonist begin, the destined saviour of humanity by finishing of what the former hero have done.
The plot is simple to follow as I said in the introduction all elements from the common theme is presented which are more lessen than before.

Character (5/10)

Summary of the character worth mentioning and what I think about them:

-Izayoi, Kyoya is the son of the former nempo master that defeated Levi Rah 10 year ago, a typical teenager. Kyoya is the only person in the “world” who possesses a unique power that can battle the forces of evil. His grandpa master taught him the way of the nempo and instructed him that his the only one that can beat the ultimate evil. A special gifted character that in default destined to win and prevail anyway making the protagonist predictable.

-Rama, Sayaka a typical nice girl archetypes female protagonist which is brave but also frail at times. Stand at the side of our male protagonist. Nothing much likeable about her and I even considered a possibility of hentai fan service but sadly not much as a hentai here but just boobs.

Lasty: Levih Rah the main antagonist of the story that became villain just because he wanted to be stronger and end up ambitioning ruling and controlling the world with demonic darkness. Your typical one-dimensional bad guy that you have no choice but to kill him to achieve the peace in humanity. His character is easily forgettable.

I didn’t mention them all because it will be major spoilers. Most likely I just give a few to give some teasers for you guys to watch it.

Full Character Analysis:
First from the start you’ll know what the character roles are and what will end up in the process. The characters are very predictable. The side characters have some flavour but not enough screens are dedicated for them for you to care. The romance in the last minute is force for you really don’t see much of the two main characters having a romantic interaction. It seems like the female just became a trophy for the leading after finishing his destined task to spice up the happy ending. The characters are well executed but it end up easily forgettable.

Art (5/10) Average
The movie has good production values at it times. The action is fluent enough to give you attention. The animation didn’t focus in using buckets of bloods to decorate the atmosphere and the hentai scene is just a suggestion than a teaser fan service.

Music (5/10) Average
Funky 80’s music in the background that matches the atmosphere of the events. You’ll easy identify the intense scene and the dull moment by just hearing the sound. The emotion is handle properly for there are decent pacing between the drama, action and other etc.

Enjoyment (5/10)nothing much
I didn’t seen the movie bad. It has dull moments and also exciting moment but the action is just really very few. Honourable mention that the last fighting scene which I have seen very boring the tension is there but the problem is that the main villain getting killed by one hit is just “meh”. I still like the funky music though.

Overall (5/10) Average
The anime is so simple in its premise that you will end up getting bored on most of the scenes. The genre can offer a lot because it is targeting adult demographics than children but it still holds back on its content. I am not asking for it to be extreme like other over the top blood anime with demons in it. I just wanted it to be a little flashy and cool for you to enjoy more.


Wicked City I highly recommend this movie if you wanted see a higher lv of goriness and more content. Warning this anime content high adult hentai material. Be advice to take caution when watching it.

Legend of the Overfiend (Japanese version) this is the anime I am talking about with the over the top gore and the most explicit classic hentai.