Sep 23, 2015
Zee530 (All reviews)
A very peculiar creature is living among us, elusive for so many years due to its ability to perfectly imitate a human being. First discovered by SankakuHead in 2013, but his findings are in a language known only to few, but thanks to the hard work of cryptologists at Dogakobo they have provided us with SankakuHead's findings in a format we can make sense of and I am writing this report after going through their findings.

Though without a botanical name as yet, but persons around it refer to the creature as 'Umaru', so we shall refer to it as such within the course of this report.

At first glance the Umaru seems to be a casual and playful creature, it is largely lethargic in nature and enjoys to indulge itself in as much frivolities as it can. Its preferred natural habitat is a suburban apartment with dimmed lightning at low temperatures, it spends most of its time consuming human entertainment such as Television, Video games and the Internet, its main diet though mostly consists of barbecued foods and chilled drinks, however we have witnessed it consuming fruits and vegetables but it shows a strong adverseness to it and only consumes it when forced or as a last resort when starvation kicks in. The Umaru is capable of becoming dangerous however when not allowed its usual diet, environment or entertainment, throwing tantrums and wailing at most occasions.

The most interesting thing about the Umaru though is its ability to camouflage so perfectly whenever it leaves its habitat and ventures into human society, we have no idea how its capable of doing this but when it does it takes on the form of the perfect human being; smart, beautiful and quite flawless in every aspect of its activities. This has led it to be awed and adored by most in society but heads will surely be turned if and whenever its nature in its own habitat is exposed to them.

Despite its somewhat selfish and secluded lifestyle it still has a couple of close human companions which it interacts with. It has a blood brother which it lives with by the name of Taihei, but as far as we can tell from investigation he seems to be human, but being a blood relative of the Umaru that section of the investigation is marked as inconclusive at this point. Taihei does most of the housework due to the Umaru's lethargic nature, he is well aware of all its characteristics but expresses no serious alarm about it, he does constantly try to lecture and reform the Umaru to the right way but at this point to no success. They express a fondness and affection for each other as siblings, but her usual anecdotes are a constant nuisance to him and we on the investigation team found their interactions amusing and a times heart warming to see.

Dogakobo's interpretation of the Umaru and its surroundings is very lovely to look at indeed, though simplistic and not in too much detail it still carries a nice mix of color tones that is very lovely to look at. There are no overly excessive motions but constant motion even in small bouts is present to always make sure things never seem dull.

In conclusion there is still much we don't know about this creature and its environment, but from the little that we have seen here it is apparent that it is a charming, playful and a times boisterous, and its many antics and characteristics have often left us laughing or at least left us with a smile on our face and we're sure will be pleasing to many.