Sep 22, 2015
Kurama4Ever (All reviews)
Ok, so this is my first review so chances are that this will be less than perfect.

Here we go....

Karneval is a nice (although short) series brought to use by Manglobe, who we can also thank for other very well known works such as Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy.

The story starts as such:

A boy, later learned to be named Nai, is being held for some unknown reason by a woman. Within the first few minutes our other main character, Gareki, crashes through by seemingly complete coincidence to steal any valuables in the house. Gareki agrees to help Nai escape and find a man named Karoku, in exchange for his strange and mysterious bracelet.

From here the characters are somehow let to Circus, a government run organization in charge of controlling crime. Here we are introduced to many interesting characters.

And here is where the series shines the most: the personalities of each character. Because there are so many characters, I will just focus on the 5 key characters.

Nai is an adorable, childlike young boy. Although despite his innocence, he has an air of mystery about his existence and has some pretty key senses for not only hearing, but can easily tell the emotions of the people he is closest to. Although he may not always fully understand what is going on, he will jump at the chance to defend those he loves even though he probably knows that he would most likely lose in a fight.

Gareki is our sort of "tsundere" character for the series, although in this case that really isn't a bad thing. In the first episode he is introduced an undisputed shoot now ask questions later badass. However, as the series progresses we begin to realize that this appearance is a facade. Most notably, he gets easily threatened by things that make him feel any emotions that may seen "unmasculine". This can lead to some interesting moments where he gets mad at Nai or Yogi, who can make him feel uncomfortable due to how open they often are with their feeling and actions. ALthough I do find the "tsundere" character to be way overused in this kind of anime, this actually works well in the show's favor. Gareki isn't just an emotionless jerk for the sake of being a jerk. There is a genuine reason why he fears allowing himself to show emotions and get attached to people. By the end of the series Gareki seems to be well on his way to letting go of his past and accepting his feelings towards his newfound family. However, this is where the series falters slightly. At only 12 episodes, Gareki's development feels a bit rushed in the last few episodes. It seems like there is just a sudden change from being completely inaccessible to softening up, with no real major moment that should have triggered this change. I've never read the manga, so I'm not sure if this is unique to the show or if it was a problem with the source material.

And next we have Yogi. Yogi is the one who first brings Gareki and Nai to Circus. At first he may seem a little annoying, but as the series goes on he just might become your favorite character. Yogi is fun, energetic, and loves being around others. Basically, he is the polar opposite of Gareki which makes for some very entertaining interactions between the two. Although at first he seems whiny and clingy, you quickly learn that this is simply because the members of Circus are all he has, and as a result he fears losing them or not being liked by them. Together, the members of Airship Two form a sort of family. Yogi, in some ways, seems to be the center of this.

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