Sep 22, 2015
malikkkk27_ (All reviews)
Why does it have to end so fast? I enjoyed NNB. :( So here is my review about NNB Repeat.

After watching season 1, i find it enjoyable and fun to watch so i'm expecting season 2 to be better than season one. With season 2 is over, I'm a little disappointed on the story but i still find it enjoyable to watch, well since this is a slice of life genre so there aren't gonna cover a lot of plots or arcs. Also if you notice the name "REPEAT" then you know what i'm talking about. Although the story occur at the same year as season 1, most of the content occur only before and after of the original scene back from season 1. Well though it disappoints me a little but that doesn't stop me from dropping this anime. I'm glad they make the story not too complex or hard for a person to understand what they story is all about. Mostly likely they just recycled everything from season 1 but with different contents.

The art and the sounds, i'm glad that they didn't change completely except for the songs of course since this is season 2. The new OST are amazing too, wouldn't expect that quite a lot. The seiyuus remains unchanged which is good but i wonder why nii-san has no seiyuu, would love to hear his voice though. The OPs and EDs are more energetic than season one's. I really like the ED song so much.

For the animations, nothing much special, same studio who made NNB from season 1, at least the animations aren't weird or have those fail animations. Background are not too saturated nor bland. While character designs remains identical to the first season, well since it is still run by the same staff. Overall, glad that the animations are not bad, quite decent.

Well, because this anime has no specific plot, we don't have any motives what the character wants, but I do enjoy the characters in NNB. Hotaru just moved in from big city and learns a lot of new things in the rural area where there is not much in the city, she can be a childish, which well is kinda cute when she act like that. For Komari, I just love her height, I wanna pet her head like what Hotaru wanted to and I just love how Komari get scared easily when it comes to ghosts. Renge, I do enjoy watching her growing up for a year after entering 1st grade, like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels on etc, she is a kind of person who loves to learn new things or things that other is not aware of.

Overall, I've enjoyed watching this and for a 12 episode series, it's not bad but how I wish the content would be a year after season 1, but they decided to just 'repeat' it but still glad to watch it . I'm glad to see Renge and also Komari again (two of my favorite characters in NNB). And don't forget about Nii-san too! And of course the rest. It has been a great summer for 2015', I'm surely gonna miss the best SoLs that I have ever seen.

Well, if there is season 3, I'm all hyped for it.

With that, I conclude my overall with 8/10