Sep 21, 2015
Liao (All reviews)
I was waiting the whole entire series just to hear Suguru's voice ): "he doesn't speak much and has very little presence" no shit sir, he doesn't speak at all! Damn it!

Jokes aside, I loved to see this reprise of the series, which is one of my favorite slice of life of all times. The characters are still lovely and cuddly as ever! You just feel like you've reached nirvana while you watch this anime. I seriously would love to move to a small city being again just a child with a simple and fun life as theirs.

Some minimal details that I've missed in this new season are the funny quotes like the first season and a faster pace. Not that calm stories are not as amazing as the fast ones, especially because the pace of Non Non was always quieter and lighter.

I spent a nice time watching it and I still love it as much as I had on the previous season. And I think that is actually amazing that I'm not drowning in tears for finishing watching it, like I was when I finished to watch Tamako Market or Shirokuma Cafe. But I am also happy that it had not left a hole in my chest, lol.

Non Non Biyori Repeat is one more way to spend some nice time to relax and I want to recommend it to everyone I know that likes this type of anime, because is worth it. And I'm gonna miss these times so much!