Sep 21, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
The season is coming to a close, and here I am, waiting for the second cour of this season to come around. Akagami no Shirayukihime is the definition of a story thats not special, but yet its special in its own way. The series consists of relaxing and simplistic story. With a lot of stuff coming around from the anime. It's not personally a 10/10 anime due to some sort of issues I have with the series.

Of course that doesn't mean the show is terrible or atrocious. Of course not. The series is essentially a good watch but not towards the hype that I was hearing before it aired.

Story: The story pretty much is this in a simplistic way. Our female protagonist got in a problem in her own town, she goes away, and meets prince charming one day, then later on she decided to go with him to Clarines to become what she wants to be. Sound simple enough eh? Im not good at explaining but thats the summary of the series in a manner. The story as much as I can say its not that great. The reason why is because its technically nothing special about it. Its pretty much some of the same things I saw before. But this is more so fairy tale wise storyline. The story is not terrible but its not great either. There were a few moments in the anime that got me intrigued and that would be the process of the main heroine during her tasks as an herbalist. That makes it special in its own way because you can see the chemistry of medicines, as well with simple explanations. The only issue I had with the story its the romance. It felt like a little forced yet weird, thats not technically a bad thing because that actually happens sometimes in anime, but it feels extremely jarring and a bit out of place. That would be the only issue I had with the series. Overall the story is decent and simplistic. It doesn't force you for the most part and its essentially a dose of relaxing moments.

Characters: One thing the series has as the strong point would be the characters. Their personalities are so well presented and as well with their interactions in the series. It looks natural and nicely done, its really nice how they interact with each other in every way and how they seem to go along at least to an extent. Every member took a role at least and did not became much of a irrelevance to the story. For the main cast my favorite character of the series is Shirayuki. She's very determined, sacrificial and also strong in a lot of ways. She's also brave and she has courage. She's not your stereotypical weak character trope since a lot of the times in anime, the female protagonist looks more like a weak role and does not take part at all, or becomes a damsel in distress where she has to be saved by the main hero. Thats also something I love about the show. As for the others they did took a role to become more of relevance and a role for one another. For example Zen's friend (from the present) and body guard in which we get a bit of insight of the past. Ryu who also became a better person or nicer thanks to Shirayuki, and other things I can say. I have a bit of problem with some characters of the series but overall the characters are well done for me.

Art/Animation: This is one of the strongest points of the series. The studio behind this series is none other than Studio Bones, who's the studio behind works such as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Noragami, Soul Eater, etc. The show took a presentation of marvelous scenery and bright colors. It looks a lot like the actual nature and it looks like the whole color of rainbows. The art is bright colored and also lively, natural, and very well detailed with its nature areas. Its very well done and brightly I will say that I give Bravo to Bones. The animation as well is very well done with smooth motion and when the fights comes around it gives an excellent fluid motion.

Music/Sound: The music department is another great essential part of the series. The music itself for me its quite memorable as it does give a soft yet smooth and soothing songs and ost to compel the scenarios, where its done right for a lot of the times. Its relaxing and using instrumental approaches makes the genres fit perfectly as well. For the sound its also sound realistic when you hear from the bird chirping towards the wind, its just nicely done for my eyes. The voice acting as well took the spot as the voices do fit with the characters personalities and characteristics, which I feel happy for Bones for picking them right.

Enjoyment: My personal enjoyment would be even tho I had a tad bits of issues with the series, it does have a lot of the moments I enjoy overall, including the chemistry and the characters.

Overall: 7.8/10

Its a very good show compelled with a good cast, great art and animation, fitting music and of course a decent story.