Sep 20, 2015
GriffithIsRight (All reviews)
I was (mildly) hyped for this show.
I kept watching it thinking the next episode was going to be really good, and I almost got it with the last a couple minutes of a certain episode making me really hyped for the next one.
And here we are, all wrapped up, and with my score, you can probably tell what I thought of it.

The story for Charlotte is dreadful, being plagued by inconsistencies, with minimal character development, and most of the development is reverted anyway so who cares at this point. Nothing even happens in term of story progression or character development for the first, I don't even know, 8(?) episodes. If there's any indication as to how poorly thought out the story was, the show's namesake was literally only mentioned in a brief 1 minute scene more than halfway through the show and then almost never talked about again for the entire show. The pacing of the show is awful too, this show could've easily been 6 episodes if they trimmed all the garbage filler, and they could've told a much better story in the same amount of time if they redistributed the events to make the mood shift of the show around the 4th episode, with the last episode of the show being spread throughout the last 3 or so episodes.

The show's one redeeming factor is that it looks okay. The music is really generic japanese stuff. Neither are the spectacular, and are about what you've come to expect from a slice of life. I thought the Engrish was amusing at the beginning, but it became increasingly more annoying to listen to as the show progressed and probably ruined any chance of me being amused by VAs attempting to speak English in the near future.

The characters, as a result of having no development, are entirely one-dimensional and predictable, especially the side characters who are introduced for 5 minutes and convey their intent about as well as an LA Noire character, so by about the halfway point, you could pretty much guess verbatim what's going to happen. However, despite being completely predictable, they are incredibly inconsistent, and this is where my point earlier about reverted character development comes into play. Although, you can predict exactly what happens, characters will, very often, do the most random things, then quickly revert back to how they were before and do exactly what you predicted what happen with no consequences at all, so it just leads to pointless filler.

At this point, I'm not even sure if I want a second season so that they might learn where they messed up and try to make it good because this show had a lot of potential.

Watching this show was disgusting and insulting. They added in forced feels at the most random times, for characters that were quite literally introduced in the same episode so you feel no attachment to them, in addition to random moe garbage and humor, and some stuff that I think was supposed to be deep and philosophical but really made no sense, and they just expected the viewers of this show to be stupid enough and lap it all up. Charlotte is a show that's clearly made by the books to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and could even pass as an insulting satire mocking the anime industry and its viewers.