Sep 19, 2015
StigmataSasha (All reviews)
"Nothing is disgusting....nothing" - Okuma, episode 12

Shimoneta and Prison School have got to be the dirtiest and lewd shows this season, or this year. But Shimoneta sucks and Prison School is far superior. Why do I say this about two shows that are about on par in sexual content? Well then, read the review.

Shimoneta's premise is that all that is lewd and sexual has been banned for over a decade, and any use of sexual things via words, or objects will get you into legal trouble. Now our 'heroes' are off to fight a war and take back the justice which is all that is erotic that Japan is in dire need of. I hate this show not because it has ass and titties and panties...and other sex stuff, it's because of the characters poorly delivered dialogue, development, and just plain character. The story has no connected ideas, it's goes from point A to Point C, D, and B. Our cast is going around spreading erotic pictures and magazines to spread knowledge of the ignorance the country is in. The end of the series doesn't resolve anything really. There is this supposed huge conflict against the government baddies that's hardly ever explored, and the other terrorist organizations who are barely mentioned or shown for 2 seconds. The idea of the show is good, it's loosely reflected upon Japan's lack of sexual interaction among the young people with the declining Japanese population. But just because the idea behind the story is good, doesn't mean the execution is the same.

Shimoneta prizes itself with its pathetic characters who have no range nor substance. There is a complete lack of immersion and characterization. Okuma is every FUCKING reluctant brown hair male archetype, who is so plain and unoriginal, he has no quality to him. Any of the four boys from Prison School would've made a better protagonist. While Okuma is a terrible main character, Kajou has it worse. A character with substantial motivation and promise only to be hindered by her vastly pointless use of dialogue to spout unnecessary lewd words for the sake of it. You can't go one fucking sentence without her saying dick, just because. "Oh but it's the point of the show", that shit is just bad writing. There are times where her lewd talk is appropriate in the situation but that's already when you're tired of her speaking. Additionally, Kajou's characterization and development is nonexistent. Actually, no character in the show has development, at all. Essentially, what we get is a plot that achieves nothing substantial enough to justify the span of 12 episodes.

Dialogue in general is terrible, TURRIBLE. It is unashamedly cheesy, while it should be ashamed, for how immature it handles immature use of sexual content. And it fails miserably. The comedy is just more dick and pussy jokes that get tiring really fast. Even for someone, myself, does the same thing, I don't expect that kind of amateur writing in entertainment. Other characters such as Anna is completely defiled as a one dimensional sex obsessed freak in the most annoying way possible. She's not Sarutobe Ayume from Gintama who actually is far better and actually funny, being obsessed with Gintoki just as much, just not as lewd and disgusting (nothing is disgusting). Even Tsukimigusa who has a sort of might not be interesting back story to him, it's totally under utilized. The only real character I enjoyed was White Peak. Somehow he didn't bother me, he was actually the epitome of what this show could've been. I loved every moment of his character, and then he's gone, forever. Sad times it is.

I have nothing bad to say about the art, it's fine. Subjective? I guess, whatever. I suppose you could say the sound in the show is good. Voice acting is well done and it sort of conveys the characters and setting until the characterization of the characters ruins it.

This show is a bile of sticky white love nectar, earning itself a 3/10. It's a dick of show that can shove itself up it's own ass. Get it?!'s not funny. This show killed what potential that could be sexual humor in the next stage of evolution. But I think that statement is a far stretch. This show is off the charts of shows I can recommend and earns my shitty of shit face seal of approval.