Sep 19, 2015
FromZeroToZero (All reviews)
There's a short version at the end if you don't want to read this (even thought it's not that long)

Probably no one expected something interesting from this anime. It looked like some generic fantasy anime with some fanservice and no plot. By the fourth episodes, it turned into one of the most thrilling anime this season. It started boring but the mystery element and the cliffhangers, made the viewers excited for the upcoming episode. What made this anime unpopular is that it's adapted from a light novel, which is written by Ishio Yamagata. We know for the last couple of years, light novel adaptations were not the best, of course there's exclusions. The first couple of episodes, 1-4, showed us that light novel adaptations are still suffering. But it turned the table after the fourth episode. People wanted to know who is the seventh and every episode made us change our mind about who is the seventh. Characters were not just one-dimensional character that serve no other purpose than being there and has no development whatsoever. The characters undergo some huge developments especially Fremy. Passione (studio) did a good job animations. It wasn't the best but it surely ranks above average. Nothing unique about the soundtrack. They were average. This anime has its flaws, but the good parts cover it and made me wait for the next Saturday just to watch a new episode. The ending however, left us with a big cliffhanger that will make you want to start reading the novels. If there's no second season, then this anime was just like No Game No Life, which was made just to advertise the light novels.
-Short version
-Thrilling and very interesting
-Characters are not one-dimensional or dense
-The mystery element makes you excited for each new episode
-Average soundtrack
-Started bad and slow
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