Sep 19, 2015
AndyFaunus (All reviews)
Welcome to my review of Venus Project: Climax! Now that the 6 episodes have come out, this version of my review will be the final one.

(Story - 5/10)
The story itself feels rushed. Considering the number of episodes, that should be a given. But, that's where the strength of the story lies as well. Precisely because of the short episode count, each of the main character's development progress was quickly done and over with, which brings the Anime itself straight into the climax, which is the Formula Venus singing and dancing competition. That's where the strong part of the Anime lies; because of the interesting concept that is the virtual fighting between the materialization of each singer's soul when they are singing, us audience will want to be able to watch more of those. Jumping straight into the climax only helps fuel that. The other good part of the story would be that each of the competitors in Formula Venus has their own dream, although that part wasn't properly played out due to the low episode count once again, but that doesn't pose much of a factor.

This part comes in at the final episode of Venus Project: Climax where the final song of the competition happens to be itself. I like this because it brings a proper closure which many Anime lacks and if you have watched it, it shows how Ruka and Eriko sing their hearts out not because they want to win, but simply because they just want to sing alongside each other. Winning at that point isn't important anymore.

(Art - 6/10)
The art style of this Anime is pretty fitting. The choice of colors are colorful and vibrant, which is a great fit for any Anime involving singing and dancing, as they portrait each character's joyfulness and cheerful self. The way the characters are designed are pretty well done as well. When looking at them, you couldn't possibly say that one is a rip-off of another,because they aren't! Each character has their own unique design.

(Sound - 7/10)
Short as it may be, being an Anime about singing and dancing, this should come as no surprise. Songs are great, and the uniqueness of the way they are presented was really what caught my eye. As mentioned in the story section, the interesting concept that is the virtual fighting between the materialization of each singer's soul when they are singing has also helped to represent the songs in a different light. Because the characters put their heart and soul into singing and dancing coupled with the action in the virtual battle, the charm and attractiveness of the songs which makes the audience listen to them were brought out.

(Character - 4/10)
To be completely honest, the Anime itself does not have much character development. Yes, while we have seen the characters progress how they came to know about Formula Venus to participating in it, there isn't much else to see other than the competition itself. That being said, the plus points are when the types of each competitor are shown when they have either won or lost a match, that is the sportsmanship and the friendship between some of them.

This part was also added because of the final episode of the Anime. Considering the number of main character listed and how late into the show Ruka appeared, I was worried that she wouldn't have enough screen time to develop as one of the main characters. That changed because of how much she has done for her country and it also shows how much she loves singing.

(Enjoyment - 7/10)
Given that it is a 6 episode series, the main point would come down to whether the Anime can rein my interest in for that long. In the end, I would have to say that it did. For that, the enjoyment part deserves a high score. For those who are new to the series or have not watched it till this point, the way to keep your interest in it is to put your attention and focus on the competition itself. That way, you'll be looking forward to the next match once the previous one ends and you'll never get bored of it until the end of the Anime.

(Overall - 7/10)
On overall, I'm giving this Anime a 7 out of 10 score for how much I enjoyed it. It is a good watch if you're someone who enjoys listening to songs while watching action go on at the same time. While it is centered around singing, it is not too much too the point where the singing itself becomes mundane. Do give it a go and tell me what you think about it!