Sep 19, 2015
StigmataSasha (All reviews)
GATE, I could've sworn I saw this at 24 episodes and when I finished the 12th episode I could not believe what I saw. I was really let down by that, but onto the review. And I can't stress this enough, if you're an anime apologist, don't even bother reading this review or any of my reviews. If you're open minded, welcome.

A gate appears OUTTA NOWHERE, and came rushing the empire's army, indiscriminately slaughtering the citizens of Japan. And now, our otaku military genius protagonist, Itami, swoops in and saves the day and meets cute fantasy girls that any anime/manga fan dreams of. There, begins the story of GATE. It's an interesting plot that'll have you coming back out of curiosity and quite honestly, enjoyment.

The world beyond the gate and it's citizens aren't anything inspiring or unique, to say. It's about a fairly above average fantasy setting. But it's good that way, otherwise modern technology, being one of the key elements in the series, to be underwhelmed by unlimited magical powers. The art and animation is consistent throughout the series. It's nothing special but it proves itself to be a great effort. And I applause it for that.

The way the show ended, I can't find myself to say the show is anything other than just good. Not amazing, not horrendous, but good. The voice acting is good enough to keep you entertained throughout the watch. The soundtrack is okay, I never really noticed it as there were plenty of scenes that didn't actually have background music, or either that, it was too low. Additionally, the opening and ending songs are quite good. I enjoyed listening to them. As well as the opening and ending themselves, they convey what the series is about, helping others and creating peace between the two world.

Itami is yet another brown hair protagonist archetype, but unlike the rest of the shitty characters I've seen like that, Itami offers a a lot more scope and range to him. We learn that he's more than what he seems, but more subtle, and not too exaggerated that it would've killed the mood. While I don't feel like he puts up anything new to the table, he definitely is a well crafted main protagonist. And for the three girls that accompany him, Lelei is simply a young magician, Rory is a demi-god, and Tuka is an elf that lost her clan to a fire dragon. That's as deep as those characters get. For the rest of the cast like the other green people and fantasy characters, they are alright. They do their part and it moves right back to Itami and co.. It's interesting to see the fantasy characters interact with the modern world, and it shows the better parts of the three girls that follow Itami, as well as, yes, Pina Co Lada.

Did I enjoy this show? Yes, I did, but I just feel like 12 episodes and how the series left on a cliff hanger, kind of thing, weakened the show very much. I hear it's getting a season 2 but it leaves a conflict waiting to be resolved that was introduced as a sort of new arc. And that is not a good thing to do, even though I understand why not a lot of series can get a full 24 episode show right then and there, having to wait another season or two to get a continuation.

To sum everything up, overall, this show barely misses a recommendation and bad ass seal of approval (Angry Joe!!!). Though it wouldn't hurt to check it out if you have time but not something I will say you must watch NOW.