Sep 19, 2015
OnegaiAnime (All reviews)
Well, this is one of those anime that one begins to see so excited, it sounded great, but eventually ended up staying in something simple and repetitive.

[b]Story (3)[/b]:
The story in general is rare mix so much that in the end can make you lose track of everything, if there is one really.He started from a good base, but extended to secondary and alternative things that made no sense whatsoever. I do not think it has been a good story, the beginning was good, and the end as well, but the rest of the plot is boring.

[b]Art (6)[/b]:
The art takes an approved because it is good, it is also not the best I've seen in my life, but has a more than pleasant colors and some designs that I think is very good. Perhaps the mistake I see, is not taking advantage of this resource of everything to make a better anime Chaos Dragon.

[b]Sound (7)[/b]:
The soundtrack of the anime is the highlight from my point of view, has several issues that are very good and can get to thrill, I especially like the opening and ending themes and some others. I notice that in certain scenes have failed to settle the score correctly, because they did not fit with what was happening, or did not reach thrill.

[b]Character (2)[/b]:
This is one of the things that's bothered me about this picture is that, having characters who could work perfectly and give much to talk, they were simple flat characters, which do not show you anything beyond what is name. What I liked even less, is the attitude that leads the protagonist chapter by chapter, has made me nervous throughout the anime, and sometimes I gave up wanting to die, he could become a little obnoxious.

[b]Enjoyment (1)[/b]:
I can not say it's an anime you liked me, nor indeed has managed to entertain me during its chapters. The only more or less interested me were the first and last chapter, the rest were bland, boring and with a plot that revolved random nonsense, to the point of not even knowing what was happening. The only word to define my enjoyment encounter with this anime is: Boring.

[b]Overall (4)[/b]:
It was not a good anime for my taste, I wanted to give a chance to the end and good, if they take a second season I will give it another try just to see if they improve on something. I especially do not recommend for those spectacular and action-packed anime wait, because practically there is not.