Sep 19, 2015
OcularAMVs (All reviews)

The story is about Red Dragon, the guardian diety of Nil Kamui had gone mad and destroyed Nil Kamui, leaving it to be extremely weak as other nations slowly gain more and more power. Nil Kamui lost its independence and is struggling against the big countries D'natia and Koran to maintain a balance of power.

After a certain event, a group of characters from Nil Kamui, D'natia, and Koran band together to find Red Dragon but each individual has a different desire in their quest. The main character, Ibuki, is given the power of the Red Dragon where he can kill anyone if he offers the life of someone close to him. As the story progresses, more things become unveiled about each nation and the true mission of the characters.

At first, the story seems interesting with an emphasis on politics and a quickly received idea that anyone can die at anytime. However as it continues, it becomes a mess. There is no build up to events that should be climactic and the initial plot completely changes from side events. Things just happen without explanation and there are numerous things to question about the world, the nations, and the characters themselves.


Ibuki has an interesting start being a young boy, an heir to the throne while possessing the power of Red Dragon. He goes through a lot in the first episode as he has to sacrifice the ones closest to him to reach a certain goal. Although he had a lot of potential, it was utterly wasted. He continues to whine through the entire anime and never gets developed except in the last few minutes of the last episode.

Eiha is Ibuki's guardian who is infused with a demon and is constantly looked down upon from everyone. She serves to be Ibuki's guardian after she made a promise with one of Ibuki's closest friends but she doesn't really have personality or appealing qualities. Although she had an interesting premise like Ibuki, she does not get any build-up nor events that make her shine. She stays linear but the writers try to make her have a bigger role as the story progresses even though it is poorly executed.

Swallow is Black Dragon Knight from D'natia who is a part of Ibuki's group but shows to have a secret as the story goes on. He has been cursed as a child with everything breaking as soon as he touches it. He was abandoned by his parents and lived in isolation until he befriends a girl named Meryl. He is definitely the most intriguing character with his curse and his views on people and life. Again, there is not enough development for him, everything gets rushed.

Lou is an assassin from Koran who is a part of Ibuki's group but instead of finding Red Dragon, she wants to kill it. She has a special blade which was passed down and constantly speaks to her with Lou referring it to it as her "lord". She is a vicious fighter and has a seductive personality while fooling everyone. She is one of the most mysterious characters in the show but nothing really gets answered regarding her role.

There are wide array of other characters in Chaos Dragon but none receive any development that they should be getting. This is problem when characters die because the audience didn't feel enough attachment to the characters to make the deaths have an impact. There's a big issue with the introduction of characters in the middle of series that just make things more confusing and uninteresting.

ART: 7
The lighting and the scenery are absolutely gorgeous. The character designs are also very well done and unique. The opening and ending are both great. The only reason I did not give this a higher score is because of the CGI. The CGI is absolutely horrible. Red Dragon and other things in the series look so strange with the CGI and it really takes away from everything else. Overall, the art is good.

I would personally say Chaos Dragon has the best opening in all of the summer anime and probably the best ending as well. Both are REALLY good. I also enjoyed some OSTs through the series and even the classical music in the later half. The last scene in the series has another great song sung by Natsumi Kon, singer of ISOtone - the first opening. The voice acting is also good, nothing to really elaborate on.

Enjoyment: 6
The episodes were inconsistent for me. Some were good, some were boring, and some were annoying. I felt frustrated at times with the story and the characters, each revealing things that completely go off track and leave viewers confused. I wish there were more action scenes because the fighting animation presents them really well.

Overall: 6
Is it worth checking out? Yes.
It does require patience at times because of the quick-pacing and questionable plot points but the music is great, the animation is good, but the story does get convoluted. I really wanted to like this series more but unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations.