Sep 19, 2015
Jun98 (All reviews)
Is that how this anime is going to be?
You producers are evil....EVIL I say!

So to summarize the story:
There are two countries fighting for supremacy; Donatia and Kouran.
In the middle of all this fighting is an island country Nil Kamui which has lost its independence. In each country there are guardians; including Nil Kamui where the Red Dragon has gone berserk.

So far so interesting? Yes?

What gets confusing is after this is explained in the first episode.
So we find out that there is a constant war due to the conflict between Donatia and Kouran and the little island Nil Kamui is trapped with their guardian dragon gone crazy

How can it get confusing? Unfortunately it can...

As you can see the storyline is simple:
->war between countries
->the third country is in between the two
->usually the third is powerless compared to the other two
->the main character appears and somehow gets caught up in the conflict
->the main character goes on a journey to solve the conflict
->the conflict is solved

Is what YOU MAY think MIGHT happen; I mean its war between countries with a country IN BETWEEN the two! You would expect some hero to rise.

HOWEVER, this anime goes to a whole new level. A more personal level.

I say this because of the characters in the anime; which I will refrain from explaining as it will spoil the series.
The main message from this anime (In my opinion) is of how human nature works. This can be clearly seen in the last episode and throughout the series. How and why? You can find out by watching

I'm trying not to spoil the story as much as possible but if you're interested in the series give it a try. Some may get bored halfway through (Trust me, I went through that phase too) But I guess it was worth the wait?

However I was NOT fully happy with the ending. It was pretty forced from my opinion. Maybe the anime would have been a little better if the producers didn't have a limit of 12 episodes.

But none the less I will somewhat miss this series. It had a pretty decent story but halfway through the series it kind of lost the whole meaning of the story and the ending seemed kind of forced.