Sep 17, 2015
PyraXadon (All reviews)
In recent years, the concept of what is allowed in anime in terms of any kind of lewd media has slowly been changed. It's to the point that the shackles have completely been broken and focusing on which girl has the biggest breasts or who can scream the most lewd has become top priority. And so we have Okusama ga Seitokaichou, or My wife is the student council president, a show that tests this idea, but not as intensely as one may think.

Story: Okusama (as I will be calling this show) starts off with our main protagonist Izumi Hayato, a boy who tries to get the student council president spot in order to lead the school into a new era. That is...until his rival, Wakana Ui crashes the party and wins the election by a landslide by promoting a "healthy relationship policy", forcing our main protagonist to become the vice president of the school rather than the coveted student council president. Even more to beat a dead horse, he finds out that this same girl is also his fiancee as organized by their fathers in a drunk meeting when they were just kids. And well, that's...really our story.

As a television short, Okusama has a very short runtime and doesn't really give much in terms of content for the show. For the most part during its seven minute runtime, the show gives a quick overview of a given chapter in the manga, with most of its time centered heavily around the more risque areas of the chapters. For the most part, any given episode is a general gist of the setting or period of time that's happening, usually with Hayato thinking "No, I'm not doing anything with this girl", and then proceeds to do stuff with said girl, usually resulting in breast suckling, inappropriate touching, and lewd screams. There really isn't much to say for the show in terms of progression because the characters for the most part stay the same the whole way through and the only real development is time passing with every new episode.

One of my biggest complaints about this show is simply the fact that it is a television short. A lot of the story and characters could've become more fleshed out if they were given a proper 30 minute timeframe rather than a tiny seven minute one. In the end, this short didn't really serve to do much more than create sexual tension between an adolescent boy and girl, and there really is already enough of that in the world of anime as is. There wasn't really any variation because it was all ecchi, and ecchi doesn't always make a good show. Plus, the ending was quite lackluster since it just...stops at a random chapter in the manga.

+/- Very ecchi centered (if you're not into that, then you won't like it)
- Entire show is basically all ecchi
- Not much variation from one episode to another

Characters: Characters in Okusama are a bit of a definite distinction. There's Ui, there's Hayato, and then...there's everyone else.

Let's start with Wakana Ui, our main female protagonist. Ui is a doubled sided coin. On one hand, she is the dominant president at school who will do everything in her power to enforce her "healthy relationship" policy, and on the other, she's a little kid who begs her "husband" to do everything for her. Her personality is mostly focused on the idea that she is a girl who accepts the engagement and wishes to be a good wife to the main she is "married" to. As her persisting trait, she attempts to get Hayato to love her back the same way which creates the most prominent gag in the anime, which proceeds to create some very dangerous situations. (I will get back to that later.) Apart from her innate traits, she is very one-sided, not broadcasting any form of character development or anything of the sort, so don't expect anything like that. (This is just a seven minute short after all.)

And then there's Izumi Hayato, the male protagonist. Unlike Ui, Hayato is very resentful to the idea of the marriage the two of them share, as he doesn't like the idea of having Ui as his wife and is very much against the idea of this girl just coming into his life and proclaiming that she is married to him. That is, until the male hormones kick in, then things get interesting. Unlike a lot of other male protagonists that share a similar situation, Hayato does have a "breaking point". Most male characters that have a temptress flaunt their goods at them tend to just shy away or even run from the situation entirely. Hayato isn't like that. Instead, he will dive straight into those boobies and suck out whatever they're good for. While it is honestly quite refreshing to see this trait, it also serves as the show's downfall. As a direct result, it creates these low brow ecchi moments that really don't serve much purpose aside from cheap and overused fanservice. Does a justice, but hits the series hard at the same time.

Aside from those two, the other characters in the series include Misumi, the disciplinary head with the cow tits, her loli boobrest Sawatari, other members of the student council, and Ui's parents. All of them are presented as one note characters, with each getting about ten or so minutes of screentime maximum since their purpose in the series is to become a plot device that only either drives the story along, or serves to create more ecchi moments. Cause lord knows we can't have enough of those. :p Really though, they're only plot devices in this anime, so they're not worth talking about too much.

+ Different character trait for an Ecchi Protag
- All of the characters are very one sided
- Side characters are simply plot devices above all else

Art: The art for Okusama is very standard for this day and age. It has a very light color scheme so everything shimmers off to the point that everything kind of looks like Key's Clannad (right down to the eye designs, kind of) and it all looks rather bland to be honest. Everything is kind of a beige color and there really isn't much color pop for the series to be proud about.

And since this is an ecchi show, talking about the ecchi's art in this show is a must. Since the entire show save for maybe three minutes in a given episode is ecchi to some degree, the show surprisingly enough, shows uncensored footage for its release. (Odd for a TV short.) Meaning when you watch this show anywhere, you'll be getting every bit of breast they show, and every sexy moment that they squeeze into a seven minute time frame. Is it done tastefully? Not exactly, but it's not entirely cringeworthy to watch. It does get tired after a while though.

+ Uncensored release
+/- Average art style
- Bland color scheme
- Ecchi gets boring after seeing it so many times

Sound: The soundtrack for Okusama is just basically its opening and its ending. The opening is the more memorable of the two for being catchy to a degree, but neither song really has much impact on the show as a whole.

Personal Enjoyment: As someone who has read the Okusama manga, this adaptation was honestly subpar at best. Looking at the anime at face value, there really isn't much to say about it. It's an anime about a girl and a guy who end up getting into some pretty risque situations before ending the episode and wait till next week where we'll see them tease each other in a different place. There really wasn't much variation from one episode to the next and in terms of basing it from the actual manga itself, was hardly really there save for the story progression and the base character personalities.

Did I like this anime?

I liked it to a degree. Since I like the Okusama manga, I was tolerable towards this adaptation because I knew what was going to happen and I have a good feel for the character in this series. Aside from that though, not much else.

What didn't I like about this anime?

I didn't like the fact that the show just focused solely on the ecchi while not entirely focusing on any sort of story elements that occurred within the chapters they decided to animate. Aside from that however, a few important characters, Misumi for example, didn't really play as big of a part as she should've which left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. No one was fleshed out and it felt a lot more generic than it really should've been. Plus, the ecchi is very distracting.

Would I recommend this anime?

If you're a fan of ecchi, then you will like this because it's all ecchi. If you don't like ecchi, then skip it. It's a seven minute series that runs for 12 episodes, so it doesn't take that long to run through it, but if you're not fond of seeing fanservice to a high degree, I would very much recommend skipping this.