Sep 17, 2015
ZephSilver (All reviews)
When the "plot" is more important than the plot, you know you're dealing with a second-rate show. Okusama ga Seitokaichou! isn't the type of title that requires any sort of in-depth analysis to explain, it's pure fanservice in animated form. With that being said, this review will be brief.

The 1st episode of Okusama is perhaps the biggest troll of the 2015 summer season. It caught many by surprise and rightfully so, as it seemed to have devised a way to get past Japan's impenetrable censorship law, leaving its rival ecchi titles in the dust. While most shows were caught up in the red tape of censorship, Okusama was delivering the 'goods' with no filter whatsoever. This prompted many viewers to loosen their belts for what was expected to be a "plot"-driven ecchi title that wasn't afraid of going the extra mile to please the audience. But just as quickly as it garnered attention, it seemed that it couldn't maintain it, as the following episodes showed that the initial climax was well behind us. Lack of censorship, the only benefit Okusama had going for it, was quickly stripped away, bringing with it a tidal wave of flaccid onlookers. And as the buzz dissipated into a soft murmur, Okusama fell in line as yet another xerox copy of the same ole shit that has come before it and will continue to be produced long after its 15-minutes of fame was up.

Like most ecchi comedy series, the story of Okusama is basically the same setup seen countless of times before. A guy is forced into some odd relationship with a girl under circumstances that he has no control over, lots of sexual comedic mishaps happen, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill. It's the tired trite that makes up a majority of the shows within this genre. The only purpose of the narrative is to compress as many titillating encounters as it possibly can in the limited time-span given.

The cast, as to be expected, is composed of one guy and a plethora of girls. The only girl of relevance, Ui Wakana, serves as the main love interest and also the source of grief for our protagonist. The rest of the female cast can simply be defined by a personality quirk and their breast size.

Possibly the only saving grace for this title is its protagonist Hayato Izumi, as he's among the very few ecchi leads that aren't afraid to take action if his hormones boil over. Of course, he pussies out like any other beta-male, but he still does a lot more than other counterparts delegated to his role. But even with that being said, don't hold your breath, as the TV release was still censored to all hell, with raunchy scenes being swapped out for what I can only describe as collage screenplays (sometimes live-action), leaving the audience to only imply what might be going on. It's more frustrating than funny since it defeats the purpose of it being an ecchi. Watching censored ecchi is like watching an action movie with all the action scenes being blacked out. It's utterly pointless, and really, that's Okusama in a nutshell, utterly pointless.

Overall: 2/10

If you just want some fanservice or enjoy being cock-teased, then look no further, as Okusama seem to be dead set on doing just that and nothing more. But honestly, with ecchi shows like Prison School, Highschool DxD and Queen's Blade around, it's hard to even recommend this show even on such simple merits. In this day and age, Okusama is already antiquated.