Sep 13, 2015
sizest300 (All reviews)
A year following the success of Macross and known in the United States as the third part of the Robotech series, Macross being the first, Mospeada came into anime existence. One person of note was involved, Katsuhito Akiyama. He is the same episode director from Macross and a few other notable anime (Last Exile, Bubblegum Crisis). However, where Macross stood high and even falling into much of the same name and fame, Genesis Climber Mospeada falls way short.

Aliens invade Earth and wipe out humanity to the point that the remaining humans flee to Mars. Humans fight back with a second force to try and take back the Earth from the invaders (Inbit), and this is where the anime begins. It does start out strong with good action, an interesting plot with loads of potential. Even the plot behind the reasons behind the Inbit invasion and how evolution plays a role, all are interesting and great. However, the anime and this “done before” plot does everything it can to ignore a story and fill air time with almost meaningless action, and no progression to the overall goal. The entire anime is the journey of one group of main characters from southern South America to the Great Lakes of North America. At the same time, nothing happens, other than the same re-hashed fight sequences over and over again.

The animation is weak being that there were more interesting and exciting things done already in the early 1970’s. One could actually think the entire show was episodic in sense after episode two. Music wise, this screams 80’s go-go dancing. The soundtrack is fun the first time heard, and then repeats over and over again. Lucky it is by Joe Hisaishi (music in many Ghibli films).

There is almost no character development other than some characters kind-of falling for one another. Each one is incredibly one-dimensional. The most interesting character is the comic relief character, which is a red-headed ball of fun, but really has zero business being in the group. How the Inbit can wipe out Earth’s forces twice, but cannot manage a small group of scrubs is beyond understanding.

In short, this might as well be a re-hashed super-robot show from the 1970’s trying to be real-robot. The only good episodes after the first two were the last three. It's just nowhere near enough to save this anime. This would have been better off as an OVA series, or just skipping all together.