Sep 9, 2015
_Arcadia0 (All reviews)
Motto To LOVE-Ru

WOOOOW, okay. If you’re interested in watching the To LOVE-Ru series, skip the first season and start with Motto To LOVE-Ru instead. I know I know, why in the world would I say this when I thought that To LOVE-Ru was a pretty good first season? Well the answer is mega simple; To LOVE-Ru ends in a way that lets Motto start off in a very much “let’s start all over” again sort of way. It’s ecchier/lewder, the art style is changed/upgraded to match the To LOVE-Ru ecchi aspects and it’s a huge over haul. Sure, it may take a while to get used to the characters, since there is a ton of girls to remember, but honestly, starting with Motto is far far far better. It’s not just art that changed too; the way the episodes are shown has changed as well. Instead of being forced to watch a 23 minute episode of sometimes archaic and rather ridiculous scenarios, Motto To LOVE-Ru employs a new tactic, each episode (except for the last one) is cut into 5-9 minute chunks; what this means is that in a 23 minute episode, we the viewers, are able to watch 3 different plots/stories/scenes/thing…. It works so unbelievably well; since the biggest issue I had with To LOVE-Ru (even if I didn’t mention it) was how dragged out some episodes were, especially since To LOVE-Ru was 2-cour.

Motto To LOVE-Ru takes what To LOVE-Ru did really well in and makes it a whole ton better, it also fixes all the issues I had with the first season. If you really like the older art style (I know I liked it a ton), you can give To LOVE-Ru a watch, but aside from knowing who’s who, you’re not missing much by skipping the first season, that’s my honest opinion.

Motto starts off a little later in time after To LOVE-Ru ended and the first episode, the first 10 seconds, really sets off with a “Hey you, yeah…you, you’re watching this for lewd ecchi goodness, don’t forget that”. Momo, Lala’s younger sister is in Yuuki’s bed and her head is near his crotch, so uhm, yeah it’s the perfect way to introduce everyone back into the To LOVE-Ru universe. Because of the episodic changes, Motto actually has 36 “episodes” and each episode is executed perfectly. To LOVE-Ru did a poor job giving meaning to the girls, Motto fixes this big time. Each girl gets at least one “episode” of exposition, I’d honestly say most get around 2 and then some. This makes it a lot easier to understand why they like Yuuki to begin with and that’s huge, giving characters a reason is something all anime should strive for, even if it’s a shameless ecchi anime. Yami, Mikan, Saki, Kotegawa, Oshizu, Lala, Haruna, Momo, Nana, Run, Celine, they all have episodes dedicated to them and their feelings, their likes and it’s incredible. Of that entire list, Celine, Momo and Nana are new to To LOVE-Ru; Celine is a super cute sunflower child that Lala gave to Yuuki on his birthday (from the OVA if you paid attention), every time she’s involved in an episode, hilarity ensues and she’s just too adorable!, Nana and Momo are Lala’s imouto, running away from the planet Deviluke, they live with Lala, Mikan and Yuuki. Momo has some of the best episodes in this entire anime and Nana eventually grows to like Yuuki, as additions to the cast, they’re fantastic and entirely lovable