Sep 9, 2015
_Arcadia0 (All reviews)
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness


………… That’s the best way to explain To LOVE-Ru Darkness; Season 3 of the To LOVE-Ru series, it once again changes the formula and oh man, is it good. After watching LOVE-Ru and Motto, I was rather curious on how Darkness would continue the series; not saying that Motto ends in a way where you can stop (Not at all), but rather, it’d get a little boring seeing Yuuki Rito continue to try and confess to Haruna. At the end of Motto, Rito is able to confess to Lala without much problem (About time, YAY!). He then tries to confess to Haruna, but he closes his eyes and stutters for far too long and she gets distracted by something else, when Rito say’s I like you, he actually says it to 4 other girls in his harem that happened to walk by!! A perfect way to end Motto and it’s the perfect way to start Darkness . Darkness starts off almost exactly the same that Motto did, Momo is in Rito’s bed, wearing nothing but a shirt and it’s oh so good.

So what does Darkness try to do differently to continue holding the viewers’ attention? That’s really simple, if you looked at the art MAL uses to display To LOVE-Ru Darkness (or the Blu-ray for uncensored goodies), you’d have noticed that Yami and Momo are the prominent characters and that’s because they are! In Darkness, Momo has a plan to have Yuuki Rito create a harem, where all the girls become his concubine (or something similar to a hot polygamy) ; what an amazing plan! Momo is very much the Main in Darkness, as is Yami and a new girl named Mea. Yes, the other girls still show up, but don’t expect Lala or Haruna to appear as much, it’s the supporting cast of girls that get treatment this season and the way it’s all executed is perfect. Yami is unknown to us and Darkness does well to begin to explain who and what she is. Mea is just as interesting, even Makido-sensei gets some great exposition. I’m purposefully leaving out a secret person from the review because when she is introduced, you may get some feels! (I know I did). Even thinking about the other supports, Run-chan has an amazing episode, the way Mikan is shown throughout the season is fantastic [Redacted]! Having a large cast is seriously great for To LOVE-Ru Darkness, it gives us, the viewers, a lot to experience.

Now the story in Darkness isn’t just a simple, let’s make all the girls lust for Yuuki Rito, oh no, it’s far more than that. Darkness, as the name of the season implies, has some pretty dark elements involved and if you’ve seen To LOVE-Ru and Motto, you may already have an idea as to whom it’s about, but stop right there! It’s 100% more interesting than you could ever imagine, I mean, ever ever ever imagine!!! I’ll just say, the way the plot unfolded itself was both quite natural and incredibly exciting; I was at the edge of my seat losing my mind (other reasons for that too) as I saw To LOVE-Ru Darkness.

Ecchi……Oh gao… gao gau… Lewd…. Th-that’s really where Darkness goes full stop. The amount of oppai, pantsu, skin I’ve seen in Darkness is astounding, the immaculately drawn and superbly animated girls, it’s not just… it’s … more than…. Good or incredible…I can’t come up with words, I really can’t. Aside from the amount, it’s the way it’s shown to us, the stretching, the groping, the.. oh gau…. I’ve never seen lewd like this in anime before (strictly anime). It’s really insane, especially the last few episodes where everything gets propelled far beyond what our Solar System can handle, heck, the imaginations, the teasing, if you like lewds, please, do yourself a favor, watch this, just.. embrace it all. Don’t forget the popsicle scene either, that was….. well, it’s best not to speak of it,