Sep 9, 2015
_Arcadia0 (All reviews)
Fushigiboshi no☆ Futagohime (Twin Princesses of the Mysterious Star)

I can’t believe it’s over now. My first Magical Girl show and I seriously think it’s the best there is already. Princess Fine and Princess Rein are incredible girls with hearts that know no bounds, big and beautiful, full of compassion, love, kindness, caring and sincerity.

51 Episodes passed by so quickly; I really need to watch the sequel, I’m so happy a sequel even exists. The story is great, it starts off very slow, but it picks up and then keeps on rolling. Solving issues with the Prominence or sometimes even without, never gets old. I love the transformation scenes and I love the Prominence power, fantastic stuff.

I love Princess Fine and Rein’s dancing they do, it’s so adorable. The seiyu are amazing too, listening to the two of them speaking at the same time, it’s like a harmony; a beautiful duet. The Princesses are all really amazing, even Altezza gets better as time goes on. Pearl-Chan and the Sea Kingdom was such a huge surprise, it’s one of my favorite kingdoms for sure. Sophie, Mirlo, Lione, Pearl, The Seed Princesses, they’re all truly amazing, I feel so motivated by how they can act with one another, so kind and helpful, really envious type of friendship.

As great as the story was though, I still can’t believe the Kings and Queens of the Kingdoms would believe Bright-sama over their own daughters. It made me so upset to watch so many people get manipulated in such a fiendish way. It works out in the end, but if they thought for themselves for one second, it wouldn’t have gone the way it did.

The Opening and Ending of the show (Both ED's), are seriously awesome. So upbeat and catchy, especially the second ending, I love listening to them and just kind of dancing to the tunes, really great stuff.

The art is great, it's very happy and bright, just like a Magical Girl anime should be, loved to watch it, loved to listen to it!! =)

Episode 51 though, I can’t believe they tried to pull what they did, caused me to shed tears because I couldn’t see Princess Rein or Princess Fine go through with what was going to happen, a happy cute show does not need that type of sadness at all!

I love Fushigiboshi no Futagohime, it's a fantastic Magical Girl anime with the cutest girls ever. Their dancing, their voices, their personalities, the way they handle situations, it's all so well done!