Sep 6, 2015
Weeaboi420 (All reviews)
i'm traumatized... this whole music video was nasty.

I usually love hatsune miku but this had me traumatized and I do not like thjis video that much unless i want to scare myself again. I do know that vocaloid horror songs are pretty scary but this one was overly scary and i was practically traumatized.

i didnt really enjoy this music video because seeing the bugs really grossed me out and seeing the creepy visuals in the song really did creep me out. but i actually want to see it explained but the things i did kind of like was the animation was interesting to look at

i dont really think the music video is that bad in animation but it was just scary and not something i really want to rewatch. but i suggest you watch it yourself to see what you think. watching this music video is entirely up to you but overall i dont really reccomend it i just thought it was gross and creepy