Sep 6, 2015
Blue-kun (All reviews)
So going in to this manga my initial thoughts was not that high. Mysteries girl plop up from no where and meets a boy. Sound like your standard type of romance manga. It wasn't clear for me until later that this supernatural setup and the girl Sayoko is a great mix.

The story is more or less told through varies of small encounters between Sayoko and Inaba in there daily life where Sayoko tries to get closer to Inaba through different methods. It may not sound too exciting at first, but once you get to know Sayoko better and better you will be surprised how funny and unexpected the characters are in this manga.

The art is as always very subjective and is really hard to say how good or bad it is. But since it is my review I will try at least to tell you my thoughts on it. I like it. I like it since the mangaka have gone to the lengths of at least trying to have side characters to have there own look to stand out. The two main characters Sayoko and Inaba are kinda standard design thou, but even here the change of clothes and Sayoko hairstyle is changed from time to time and the backdrop is detailed, so the art is good yet simple when it must.

What this manga excels in is the character department at least when it comes to Sayoko. Sayoko is the mysteries and oddball type of character that you acquaints with from time to time in other storys. The twist is that we actually get to know Sayoko more or less from the start here and she is a refreshing character indeed. She is not that sweet and innocent girl like you might think. Even though she have those characteristics as well she is a bit of a stalker, pervert and jealous type of person and whats even more refreshing here is that she is all this without being your typical yandere girl. Then you have Inaba, kinda your standard type. Unlucky in life with job and girls, but is an honest and nice person. Really, Inaba is not that interesting type of a character but the mix between him and Sayoko is nice and it works quite well. Then you have your side characters which all do there job. You have a goofy type of guy who falls in love with Sayoko at first sight. Your greedy fortuneteller that do almost anything for money. Then you have the spirits that possesses Sayoko, they all try to help here to get closer to Inaba but are a bit worried over here methods to do so and they also act as her guardians and try to protect here from going to far in here quest.

Overall I would say this is a sweet and funny manga worth reading. It is not over the top type of manga neither is it bad. It works if you want something funny to read and are quite tired of your typical romcom.