Sep 5, 2015
haruhappiness (All reviews)
I wonder why there are no reviews for such a good manga as 3d Kanojo. I am actually not really good at writing reviews, but this manga deserves one, even if it is a short one.
The story starts by presenting tsutsui, a gloomy otaku who happens to hate 3d girls (real girls, if you are not familiar with the concept) and he himself is despised by the girls around him and classmates in general. But Tsutsui's life changes when he encounters Iroha, a beauty with a seemingly bad temper.
I am not totally sure about how original the plot is, but I have never read another manga with this kind of argument. So, it is pretty original for me, and that is the first thing I liked about this story. However, the thing I love the most about 3D Kanojo is the character development, the two main characters grow amazingly throughout the story, especially Tsutsui.
Tsutsui starts growing as an off-line person (as he said it himself) when he is approached by Iroha and eventually starts dating her. Which makes me think that it is truly amazing how one person can change another person's life. Due to his low self-esteem, Tsutsui doesn't trust Irohara's motives to go out with him. Furthermore, he can't believe that a girl like her would fall for a creep like him. And that is what makes this manga so good, the author managed to convey the character's feeling perfectly. The reader can feel that Tsutsui is scared of being loved. Moreover, he is terrified by the idea. However, when Tsutsui decides that he won't let go of that girl, and that he will do his best to show is feeling towards her is when the real story begins.
Iroha is also an amazing character, but I won't say much about her because she is a real mystery at the beginning of the manga. All you have to know is that despite her appearance and bad temper, she has a good heart.
Another point worth mentioning is that there is a lot of humor in this manga, especially when tsutsui starts comparing real life events to animes, mangas or video games. He even tries to understand girls through otome games; that is hilarious.

In short, 3D Kanojo is a refreshing story that teaches great lessons about friendship, love and more. It also deals with the topic of prejudice, which is a good thing for me. Furthermore, if you are kind of otaku you will definitely enjoy all the remarks tsutsui makes about anime and stuff.