Aug 24, 2015
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[EPA Message: Bring Awareness Through Violent Imagery]

This is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with Takena, bring you an important message. We have received reports that a high number of people, roughly 50%, have been littering. We, as the EPA, wanted to reduce these numbers, so we have hired a special individual. We have hired Jason, he specializes in ‘dealing’ with these sorts of matters.

On YouTube, we have uploaded a video, which uses clay animation with minimal sounds and no dialogue. This video will tell you how Jason ‘deals’ with people who litter.

Warning Graphic Content:

– If you litter, Jason will randomly appear in front of you. Once, you have littered, he will stab you with a large, metal tweezer through your eyes. Then, he will clean up the mess you have made.
–The lesson of this video: Don’t litter or Jason will kill you!

This message was brought to you by the EPA. Protecting the environment from pollution and other environmental hazards.