Aug 22, 2015
SheeksShiki (All reviews)
This manga greatly contradicts other shoujo manga in a good way. The art is beautiful. Not the best, but beautiful none the less. The heroine, Etoh is both pretty and strong willed. Both of the guys, Yuki and Asai are really likeable (and hot), making it hard for us readers to decide who WE ship, despite probably knowing who she ends up with. Etoh was a prostitute (sort of). She and a couple of others play this 'game' where they gather up money from salary men without any actual intercourse.

One day, one of the girls quit. One of the rules of the games was that you weren't allowed to quit. The girl who quit was then beaten up, and a passerby yelled for the police, making them run away. Etoh then enters her Manor's elevator and finds the person who called the cops, Inoue Yuki. Yuki then tries to hire her as a model for Yuki's cousin, Asai Yusei. Thus, behins the story of 'The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor'.

It's an amazing manga, and I'd recommemd anything this manga. I muself had only started and finished today.