Aug 20, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)

I really was enjoying this anime for the idea it has from the episodes 1 to 6 with the fatherly love that may seem is there, but i was dissapointed half way through because things are not like that, wanting to put together a 10 year old girl with a 23 year old guy, but to make the things less uncomfortable in their eyes they made the main dude Naoya look like a 15 y/o boy and to top that he was ''raped'' (as seen in the OVA) by Lotte's mother the queen Marcelida when he was a kid and they had a baby named Asuha, who in fact is Lotte's elder half sister.

It's never explained why Asuha was sent to the human world (just implyig it was for her own safety) and Lotte is never aware of this, she till the end will never know that the guy she's in love with is kind of his step father nor that he slept with her mother and sure will never know that Asuha is her half sister, because Marcelida requested Naoya not to tell this to anyone (and i was looking if in the manga the reason was explained, but is not) and that bothered me, i felt that Marcelida was careless towards Asuha, who she didn't see for like 7 years and didn't show affection, that really bothered me even more, they wanted to make us see that she wasn't a bad slut mom with the last episode's scene, they didn't even talked to each other technically, they were speaking but because of the tree magic thing, they didn't heard what they were saying to each other and it was a pointless scene, it was dissapointing to see that they just talked in the fifth episode after finally the three of them were reunited (in slut mom's eyes was a special moment), they just said some words but never talked directly and slutty just flies away from them.

There are some plot holes like, how is it that Naoya had a lot of magic, being human? (you see this in the OVA, the conversation between the Bat and Marcelida about Naoya having a lot of magic so she can use it to go back to her world) is never explained, and is important because if he didn't had magic, Marcelida wouldn't have f***ed him and would never come back to where she belongs and never had a child and thus the main story of the anime not existing or the fact that she sent Asuha to the human world because she was in danger is Bulls**t because Asuha and Lotte were 3 y/o so they would remember being sisters, if Lotte remembered seeing her mom sleeping with a guy when she was 4, why didn't they remember they were sisters and spend time together? and why wouldn't Marcelida hide Lotte too, why just Asuha? why? to keep being a slut sucking and fu**ing her harem of d**ks?.

Marcelida and Naoya are the ones to blame for the love Lotte feels for Naoya, for not telling the truth to her, Naoya knowing all of this is worse tho. Mediocre.

Art & Sound
I think these two things are the best from the anime, the art style was average, the landscape and the characters were drawn ok. The VA was average, Kugimiya is here as a meh tsundere, the backrgound music was also average, the OP and the ED were just meh. Overall both were average.

The characters were mediocre. -Lotte reminded me of Louise from Zero no tsukaima because of how annoying they can be half the time (and obviously because Kugimiya does both VA) minus the violence towards the protagonist but the hatred towards men because her mother made a promise that they were going to rest in the same room that night but she saw a man from Marcelida's harem entering the room when she was headed to enter and saw her mom sucking him and she felt betrayed and traumatized by that.
-Asuha is cheerful, but i don't know why she doesn't ask herself why her mother did those things, she never asked herself, why she sent her to the human world, why Marcelida wants to hide the fact that she's her child and why she doesn't seem interested on her, that's bull...
-Naoya was the toy of Lotte but felt more like a butler, he is the only guy in her harem, and the only one she needs apparently and as stated before he and Marcelida are the ones to blame for not telling the truth to Lotte about everything, maybe she wouldn't fall in love with Naoya but is not her fault, she didn't know she fell for her (blood/step?) father, the one that her mother banged, the one who knew all of that was him and still found out that he loves her, even tho he's 13 years older, that's fucked up and Marcelida too, knowing that she fu**ed him, she will let her daughter be with him, that's even worse. The support characters were meh, overall was mediocre.

Well i just enjoyed parts of the episodes 1 to 6 and some things from the last two, i would have really enjoyed this if it wasn't for the bad story with Marcelida and Naoya being the ''adults'' that did nothing good to their kids, like how they were related all four of them, the plot holes, everything that was a let down, and i think the age difference wasn't what bothered me the most, but how all of them were related but one of them will never know. It was a mediocre enjoyment.