Aug 18, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
[b]Kore ga Watashi no Goshujinsama[/b]
Well, i didn't expected He is my master to be very good but i didn't wanted to be bored neither, and that's what i felt watching this anime and knowing this was an ecchi anime i was expecting to be entertained by it, but it was just ok, and to top that i didn't enjoyed at all everytime Izumi punched or kicked Yoshitaka sometimes for nothing, i hate that kind of characters and that kind of ''humor'' i wanted to stop watching it because of that, but i always finish an anime no matter how bad it is and i can't say i didn't laugh because i did laugh at some parts that were funny.

The story is mediocre, two sisters escapes from home which was a little silly of a excuse of why they left and seeing that their parents aren't bad, i thought that it was dumb, they end up in a big mansion, they work there and starts the repetitive episodes, kick Yoshitaka's ass almost everytime just because, and that was stupid; The sisters starts making challenges between the characters so they win something they were fighting for, then a useless characters Anna is introduced and makes the things even more annoying to watch, maybe the three last episodes were good and the ending was meh, overall mediocre.

[b][u]Art & Sound[/u][/b]
The art style was mediocre the characters design too, maybe the landscape was good and the fanservice was ok, but overall was mediocre and there were anime series with better art style from that year and past years, and the ED song video clip drawing was better, i don't know if that was from the Light Novels or the manga, but that looked better drawn.
The Sound was fine, the voice acting and the background music was ok, the OP song didn't fit for some reason and i always skipped it.

The characters even if i didn't liked them i have to point that they had some development but wasn't shown completely.
-Anna was useless and i hated her.
-Izumi could be better if she wasn't a bitch that always did what she wanted.
-Mitsuki was ok but she didn't convinced me to like her more.
-Yoshitaka was can i express this, he let them take advantage from him and let them kick his ass and never did something to fix that, that's why the overall for the characters was mediocre.

There wasn't much enjoyment on this one, just in some funny parts and the last 3 episodes that were somehow interesting but more than that i was bored for the most parts; The three last episodes were enjoyable for some reason and because of that it was fine. If you want to watch it for the ecchiness, don't, there are better ecchi anime series out there.