Aug 18, 2015
jc9622 (All reviews)
This is part 2 of the KnK series
This is a sequel to the 1st KnK......kind of....Well, not exactly. You see, KnK is not being shown in chronological order and as such should not be watched in chronological order. I almost made a grave mistake of doing so.

[Story]: (8/10)
The story of KnK 2 takes place 3 years before the events of KnK 1.
Mikiya, while walking home from school, meets a mysterious girl who he thinks is cute and starts falling in love with her. A month later, he met her again during the high school entrance ceremony. The mysterious girl that he met is named Shiki Ryougi. Meanwhile, the city is experiencing a series of bizarre murders but no suspect has been caught yet.
The events may have taken place before the events of the first KnK but the movie shows us how the 2 characters met and why there's a connection between them. It's starting to connect some of the dots but there's still obviously a lot of unanswered questions that will be answered later on in the movies. So far, I'm liking the story. The gruesome murders, the mystery around it, etc.
[Art/Animation]: (10/10)
Do I need to review the animation? I mean, it's still the KnK series and nothing really changed from the first one which is already perfect and visually stunning.
[Sound]: (9.5/10)
The soundtrack was perfect in the first movie but somehow, the soundtrack here is.......inferior to the first one. Granted, there are some themes that are great but it didn't quite stand out like the first one did. The voice actors are all the same so my opinions on the VA still stands.
[Character]: (8/10)
The first movie didn't really give us any great details about the 2 main characters and why I should really care for them. The 2nd movie showed us the main character's past, how they met, what connections do they have, what they were like back in high school, etc. The movie is now developing the characters (not too developed yet) and they're giving me a few reasons on why I should give a crap about them. I'm also starting to understand more about Shiki and her "dual personality" and why Mikiya cares for Shiki. In short, the movie just showed us a hour of character development for the 2 main characters.
[Enjoyment]: (8/10)
I personally enjoyed the movie because of the character development and story development. There's not a lot of action for this movie since all they did was build up and develop the characters
[OVERALL]: (8.4/10)
The second movie of the KnK series is not better than the first movie but it's not worse either. It gave us more in-sight about the characters. The movie just created more plot holes for me but there's 5 movies to go so I'm not going to complain that much.
For the love of god, if you're watching KnK 2 first because you're watching it in chronological order then don't. The KnK series is meant to be shown out of chronological order and should be watched out of chronological order.