Aug 17, 2015
maazu (All reviews)
Have you ever felt the need to watch an anime that butchers the Bechdel test in every episide, centered around two incredibly strong and well-rounded female characters? Then look no further.

Michiko e Hatchin follows the two unlikely comanions on their journey to find a man from their pasts, and in the course of the show we see wonderfully written characters going through beautiful character development.

The two main characters - as well as many of the recurring characters - go through important character development, and it's so fabulously excecuted you don't really notice it until it hits you hard.

As well as being full of female characters, the cast is diverse, showing a wast collection of characters from different races and backgrounds.

Of course, the characters aren't everything in a show. The story is enjoyable and exciting and keeps your attention throughout the entire series. This is as much a story about finding oneself as it is about finding Hiroshi, maybe even more so. As both Machiko and Hatchin figure out who they are and what they want, the grow closer and learn the meaning of true love and understanding.

The story deals with various issues connected to living on the road, being poor, supporting a child etc., and it shows us that even an atypical family is a family, however small, and that even if you call yourself a family you may not actually be one.

To summarize, Michiko e Hatchin is true feminist writing about finding oneself and eachother, and it's truly beautiful.