Aug 11, 2015
Switch (Anime) add (All reviews)
Otakuchan101 (All reviews)
I expected much more with Switch and honestly, I was extremely disappointed. It's the cheesiest, most boring, overdramatic animes I have ever seen.

Story Rating: 5
The story is just your basic police story. Just a bunch of cops trying to stop some kind of drug and weapon possession. Basically, they did something bad. You can have no clue on what these guys did to get in trouble with authorities and you'll follow it easily. Basically, the story is just kind of bland but probably the only thing that tried to hold this anime together.

Art Rating: 4
Being an 'old' anime, I didn't expect much for the animation portion. The colors are extremely muted and the art style is pretty generic. Nothing stands out to make it look like anything new or spectacular. It's just like animation backwash. Then again, I didn't expect much.

Sound Rating: 1
For the voice actors, a lot of these people actually went on to do more note worthy roles so, i'm glad they got a job after this. However, none of them had any situation to give it their all. I guess they did their best with what was handed to them. Maybe except one actor who had to have their voice so high they sound like Alvin in the goddamn chipmunks. Yeah, you're suppose to take this anime seriously.

Now, the music....THE F*CKING MUSIC! I hated it so much! It's what made the show practically unwatchable. It was placed at parts that were so unneeded and played in scenes that were so boring yet, they make it sound like a dramatic war movie or something. Again, you're suppose to take this anime seriously. How the all sweet lords of hell am I suppose to take it seriously when you play someone banging on piano keys over two people talking about FLOWERS!


Character Rating: 3
I probably would have liked the characters a lot more if they one; made more episodes of the series or two; actually gave these characters some time together to actually work off each other. That's what makes a character, a character, to see their personalities work off or with other personalities. There's a few scenes with our main characters but they go by so fast you can miss them. How am I suppose to get invested in these characters if you don't show them having any personality. Kai, I guess would be the only exception. I actually kind of cared about him through out the episodes. Everyone else, EEEEHHH Fuck 'em!

Enjoyment Rating: 1
This anime, and stupid, and bland. Just a forgettable, waste of time. It's so disappointing. You expect something good like with something 'Psycho Pass' did or maybe like 'Death Note'. But, it doesn't even try to be anything new or inventive. It's just something to pass the time with, in a very lame way.

Overall Rating: 3
Overall, this anime is not worth your time to watch. I didn't hate it and I might read the manga since I hears it's much better (andIdonthavetolistentoanyfuckingoverthetopmusic), I just got disappointed much like in the way 'Mirai Nikki' did.

Unless you want to be the kind of Otaku who has seen every. single. anime. ever! I say this one you can definitely skip. It may be short but, going through an hour of this just isn't worth anything.