Aug 8, 2015
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We, the members of the Underside of Kitten Paw, have added a new ordinance, based on this new video footage, regarding our Goddess. By adding this ordinance, we not only further strength our relationship with the Catians, but also grow closer with our Goddess and Savior, Eris. The new ordinance goes as followed:

7) Thou Shalt Include a Strip Game, Amongst Other Games

– It appears that everyone knows that one of Earth’s most popular games are 'Strip games'. The members of the Catian mothership played ‘Strip Mahjong’, ‘Strip Poker’, and ‘Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors’. And almost every single member becomes nude once, showing off their lovely breasts! Now, our ’so-called’ villain is playing chess against Matrey, her personal assist-a-roid. But, what’s this, she is losing and stripping! So, I guess she is playing ‘Strip Chess’. And, now, our Goddess and her friends are playing various games, such as ‘Bullshit!’, ‘Monopoly’, ‘Twister’, and finally, ‘Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors’. Our protagonist, Kio Kakazu, wins by blind luck, literally, and strips everyone naked. Based on our Goddess’ and her friends’ behaviors, it would seem that playing ‘Strip games’ further strengths one’s relationship amongst friends and colleagues. It’s decree that everyone should include one ‘Strip game’, so to further develop one’s bond with another person.

By following this new ordinance, we hope that our relationship with Catians continues rises. We further hope that one day, we may obtain a power to grow cat ears and cat tails. And, we hope that our Goddess continues to grace us with her presences.

All Hail Our Goddess!

All Hail Eris!

All Hail Eris!