Aug 7, 2015
KingAsura (All reviews)
hello Everyone! This is my first review here so I'll try my best on reviewing this show thus far through my viewing.

This will be quite a surprise for me to say this but I am actually enjoying this series more than I thought. I know right? Since its A first I need to come out and state why I'm enjoying it. You see it has been a LONG time since we heard there was going to be a new series for the Dragonball Franchise after all, It is a major household name in anime.

I'd advise anyone who are thinking of watching Dragonball Super to have at the very least watch the previous seasons Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball kai or just reading the manga otherwise you won't understand much of what is going on thus far if you have not so just thought I should let you know.

Now this might sound weird and completely off to some people out there but I actually prefer this series more for its build up and its variety of content with each episode that feels like it is a genuine continuation, YES I know! So far its just a lesser quality rehash of the 2 movies of battle of gods and Revival of F but from a series standpoint its still at the same time its an interesting continuation of the manga of what its setting up for and I'll gladly say so even if others are put off by it.

So far in comparison to the first Dragonball, Z and GT whether you are considering comparing them or not, I feel that this gets in a nice stride of fun with that nice sense of comedy relief with its characters in its continuation which in foremost is great to see that it still retains that Akira Toriyama spirit in his depiction which is why I fell in love with the franchise in the first place and I'm glad they didn't decide to bring out some random black star dragonballs out of nowhere which was stupidly added in GT which I didn't like (though I did like his art design for some of the characters in GT) Problem was he wasn't handling the story especially when the story thought it was a good idea to turn Goku into a child throughout the whole ordeal which I found extremely pointless.

So I'm glad seeing that in this series so far, characters like Goku, Vegeta and many of the others made me feel like I'm watching a proper continuation FINALLY in terms of its setting and surroundings with these certain memorable moments that have happened in the arcs so far.

Beerus definitely feels a little more antagonizing than he was in battle of gods which the show strides to show more and more as it goes along. seen as I watched the film I also noticed some differences with the story in comparison to the movie which is thankfully good in terms elaborating on certain key points in term flushes out more content that will seem to show other alternative points within each episodes that is coming out so far and that alone is evident and exciting also.

Finally the art has had an UPGRADE!! about damn time despite the fact Toei Animation studios lack consistency now and then.
its nothing as dynamic and obviously won't be to that movie quality but it still feels very refreshing to see something not dated for dragonball in 2015 which is nice.

The opening is brilliant too with good animations and hints to where the journey is bound to take the viewers along in their stride of the story with the showcase of new characters and the music is really good and doesn't feel repetitive at all. In fact I'm watching the episodes with the opening so far which goes to show how good the song is.

The ending if you have seen the previous series also has nice touching memories of nostalgia which the ending songs complements it nicely.

My real main issue of the show so far is that the story seems to get a bit too quirky and extensive at times which is my main gripe with this show mainly. but so far its getting into build up and also giving way for the fights that will take place in its simplistic approach at this very moment which feels easy for me to sit through and just enjoy the fun.

Now do not go into this with high expectation just because its Dragonball, otherwise it won't be to your liking, after all its an 80s anime in its continuation of the modern day that still retains those very aspects of what made this franchise stand tall for so long now from back then, Of course its not for everyone If others are not willing to tolerate this show for what it is than do not bother anyway.

Also try thinking of watching this as just another fun, simple and yet silly shounen appetizer after the big main course, that being the previous seasons of the Dragonball franchise. So far I'm enjoying the moment.

There could be many new stuff to come along the way so who knows..

Thank you for reading and have a great day wherever you are ;)