Aug 6, 2015
lotice1 (All reviews)
Perhaps I'm ranting about this, and with the score I'm giving I be expecting a lot of disagreements here. To be honest, I was sorely disappointed in Spice and Wolf (S&W), not because it was plain bad, but I cannot see anything worth remembering at all.

Character-wise Both Lawrence and Holo showed little to no development at all throughout the series, and watching the anime made me question what the hell is going on more than how interested in the anime I am. In the case of Lawrence, it seemed like he's lost in how he views his relationship with Holo and his job. Especially the 'Prioritise Profits' part, I cannot fathom why the anime needs to bring itself to mention that time and time again, and then act the opposite. Lawrence's relationship to Holo is even more confusing. In the start of Season 2, the Amarty-Pyrite Arc was the most captivating arc yet, and it ended so, so badly. It was when the tension was the greatest, and yet it was resolved so damn easily. The most disgusting part is that Lawrence seems to have learnt nothing from the ordeal. Slow pacing with the already awkward ending in Season 1 made this a turn-off.

The characterisation of Holo herself was a mess as well. I cannot fathom a centuries old demigod to be, of all things, a tsundere. Despite being the Wise Wolf, Holo has not shown her wisdom, using her instincts at best and failing to grasp the situation she is in all the time. In the last episode. One simple sentence from a person she barely knows can affect her that much? What the actual F*ck? If you want to showcase Holo's behaviour to be a result for her centuries in suffering solitude, at least make some effort to emphasise on it. Similar to Lawrence, its seems that Holo has learnt nothing from all the ordeals she faced, and her ever-changing mood made me question whether she is bipolar.

The music itself was extremely refreshing at first, with the Openings and Endings to be rather good. Then comes the OST... Is it me or several episodes start with the same music? the lack of variety itself was very obvious as well, and it was as though I was listening to a broken radio.

Overall, I acknowledge I might be 6 years late for this anime. But considering the fact this anime is so highly rated confuses me. To me, S&W is a mess, that tries to add the intelligent elements of trade and romance with a questionable storyline and extremely confusing and bipolar characters. It was as though the anime tried very very hard to seem intelligent, but backfired extremely hard. Then again, I might be wrong and have interpreted the storyline line wrongly, but for me to question almost every single segment of this anime? There should be a lot of questionable segments about Spice and Wolf we can agree on.

Verdict: Don't watch*

1. Still, watch Season 1
2. Move on to light novel
3. Pray Season 3 (If it ever comes out) can redeem this mess