Aug 5, 2015
FuturePro (All reviews)
An even worse follow up than GT.

Everything about this series is bad. Let's start with the story. All we know is that there will be remakes of Battle of Gods and Revival of F, along with a "new" plot line where Goku and Vegeta go to another universe to find Dragon Balls. Interspersed with that is whole episodes of content that would be right at home in DBZ filler. Goten and Trunks go on boring adventures that lead to nothing, add nothing to the universe, and take forever. Goku has loads of boring training sequences that also lead to nothing, add nothing to the universe and take forever. Beerus and Whis do the exact same things. Every gag sequence in this thing has been done to death and makes me want to claw my eyes and ears out. Isn't it amusing to watch Vegeta have a surly look on his face while generic silly things happen around him for umpteenth time?

Speaking of Vegeta, the characters. They've all been reduced to quirks. Kame-Sennin pervs 24/7, Chi-Chi never stops yelling, Vegeta is constantly having meltdowns over Kakarot, Videl and #18 are generic anime girlfriends, but at least Goku rarely ever been anything more than a quirk, so he's fine. Out of all of these, Vegeta is by the far the worst. The show has entirely discarded his character arc from Z. The writers are so horrible that they can't actually write Vegeta, they have to write a cardboard cutout angry man with Vegeta's face on it. I can't say anything positive about Beerus or Whis either. Beerus blows things up for no reason, wants to fight the Super Saiyan God for no reason and acts like a child. Whis sits there and acts like his nanny, contributing nothing whatsoever.

The animation style is lazy and, as seen in episode 4, prone to random massive changes in style. We could give that kind of thing a pass back in the 80s, but Toei is loaded with cash and profitable properties, Dragon Ball is surrounded with unstoppable hype right now, and they can't even produce a decent looking show? The animation simply has no life. It's really just phoning it in. If they could simply find some animators who gave a sh*t and wanted to make the show look good, it could happen.

The people making this show simply don't care about it. They churn out the exact same dreck that they did back in GT, relying on the popularity and nostalgia of the Dragon Ball to carry the entire thing. Something as completely half-assed and lifeless as this show is incapable of drawing me in, it's incapable of making me care what happens on the screen and it is incapable of producing anything interesting, fresh or surprising. The show is a cynical cash-grab with no passion or care driving it forward. It's going to putt along, then end with a clunk and be forgotten along with GT.