Aug 5, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
KimiAru was very good to my surprise and not because of the story or the art but because of the enjoyment you get from this, it really attracts you with the characters and the comedy is just as good as the parodies.

A simple story, two siblings ran out from their house because their father was abusive, they try to get jobs but they fail, one day he saw a blonde girl that was going to faint, he catchs her and brings her to her house and it happens to be a mansion, her sister convince them to give them a job and from there starts what is a simple but good story.

Art & Animation
The art style was very good for being an anime aired on 2008, the animation is just as good, the character design is good and the art from the background was really good too.

The sound and background music was very good, the voice acting was very good too and the OP and ED were good.

This is one of the strong points of KimiAru, all of them are really great, they weren't cliche and they all have their back story that makes them even more likeable, Ren is really relatable and you can't choose who you want to see him with, because all the girls are really great and Tajiri was freaking hilarious, i really liked Natose she was kind even if she didn't look like it the first time you see her and Kuki Ageha was great

The comedy and the parodies makes this even more enjoyable, it was great and the ecchi elements too, after completing this i wanted more and i saw the alternate story MajiKoi where the only character that appears again is Kuki Ageha she is such a Badass.