Aug 5, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
I saw this anime was ecchi and gave it a try, the story is average, there's no complexity about it but that's not the most important while watching ecchi anime anyway, in a way the story is kinda interesting and is a good ecchi if you're looking just for ''ecchiness'', it has decent comedy, good characters and the assistroids were entertaining.

The story is simple, a Catgirl named Eris is sent to the earth from the planet Catnia to investigate the earth's culture, she stumbles with Kakazu's uncle and he takes her home because she's a cat not because he's creepy, meanwhile there's commotion from certain secret groups of who is going to take Eris, and because these organizations keep creating incidents to take her, the Catnia gals make Kakazu's house the first and new Embassy of Catnia on the planet, there was a race of dogs that came before them to earth and mantained themselves in secret, until a dog girl from Dognia wanted to kick out the ''Catnians'' from earth and wants to destroy Catnia and ''Dognians'' will start some conflicts against the ''Catnians'' because Dogs hate Cats. Story is weird but fine because of that juicy uncensored ''plot''.

Art & Animation
The animation is very good, the ecchi parts were visually pleasant, it was well made, nothing much to say other than censor-kun doesn't appear in this anime.

The VA is good, the music is good, in one episode the first living assistroid goes to the earth and in the end she sings a good song which Chihara Minori performs.

They are good, Aoi is interesting, Eris is naive but likeable and not annoying as you would imagine naive characters are, Manami is good and Kakazu is not a wuss but also not a pervert but the ones that i liked the most were the assistroids specially Chu Yun Fat.

I really liked the ecchi this has to offer but the comedy is decent and the characters were good, there's also winks at other animes like Hidan no Aria, Kampfer (which was mediocre) and others, i had a good time watching this.